Hi guys DEATHDOG here and Welcome to Head to Head MW3 Edition. Before we start i just want to say i dont want to hear "O why is gun better than this gun?" Ok please this is for fun not to piss people off. So now we got that clear let's get started. Today we got the M4A1 or M4 Carbine (like from COD 4), and we have the SCAR-L for our head to head. All right now lets begin the fight.

M4A1 or M4 Carbine

Our first gun in the Assault Rifles class is the M4A1. This gun has been in all the Modern Warfare games. This gun is unlocked at Lvl. 4 in Multiplayer and Lvl. 1 in survival mode.

The Loadout of the M4

Damage is 42-20 Which is high for this gun

Magazine clip is 30 or 45 (with Ext clip)

Reload Time- 2.03s When loaded and 2.36s when empty

Rate of Fire is 789 pretty good

The Pros and the Cons of the M4

Well the pros is this gun has a pretty good damage and rate of fire, The reload time is quick and the best thing about this gun is this is the first gun to work on the challenges for this. The Cons of this gun is the range of this gun sucks and so dose the iron sight for shooting the long ways of the map.


Ok now for our next gun is the SCAR-L Or SCAR-H from MW2. This gun has been only in two of the Modern Warfare games.

The loadout of SCAR-L

Damage 35-20

Magazine Clip is 30 or 45 with Ext Clip

Reload time is 2.4s when loaded and 2.68s when empty

Rate of fire- 759 Good not as good

The pros and cons of SCAR-L

The pros of the SCAR-L has very low recoil, good rounds in the mag, and iron sight is good too. The cons is the reload time is slow, the range is medium and it takes forever to kill some one with the Supperior.

The winner of the Head to Head is.....

After doing the reviews of both guns i picked a winner. This was hard but your winner of the first MW3 head to head gun fight is the M4A1! The M4A1 been around since the first Modern Warfare. This gun been though a lot all these years. I wish the SCAR-L won but it's only been in MW2 and MW3. Well i hope you guys like this there more to come well im out im DEATHDOG77 saying Semper Fi and god luck

Editers note

Heys guys ive done the Black ops 2 Assault Rifles and now im doing the MW3 Assaults Rifles. Well now the SCAR-L is in the loser pile of the guns but there more to come next is M16A4 Vs. CM901. And the other ones we have are Type 95, G36C, ACR 6.8, MK-14, AK-47, and FAD. Well i hope you guys like this and if you got any head to head guns you want to fight it out. Let me know and ill work on it. Im DEATHDOG saying Semper Fi and good luck.

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