Hey guys DEATHDOG77 here and i got a head to head today its the MTAR vs. M27 assault rifles. Which one will be the better gun and which one will be the one the dirt of guns lets start the fight.

Lets start things off with the MTAR assault rifle. A 30 round bullpup fully auto assault rifle. Its a good gun for the noobs are new for black ops 2, The MTAR is unlocked at lvl 4. The pros and cons of the MTAR, the pros of the MTAR when i was used it the pros are its has a good rate of fire for meduim to long rangs firefight, when the fast mags on it work good when your playing like in Nuketown or carrier or what ever other small maps there are, the MTAR has a great iron sight for headshots or body shots when you spay and pray and its has a quick ADS for like if you want to snap on one person and the other. The Cons of the MTAR when i was working with it, it has a slow reload time (unless you have fast mags on) i always die when im reloading. Takes to long to rank up the gun it took me two weeks to get it to the 2nd perstise on the gun. and getting headshots it takes four to five shots to get even one with it.  the last con is without either stock, quickdraw, F.M.Js or the foregrip its a pain in the ass to get all camo for it. The attachments for the MTAR we all know them but my favorite picks are red dot, foregrip, stock, F.M.Js and fast mags. reason why those five. The red dot helps with the ADS, the foregrip helps with the recoil so dose the stock attachments, the F.M.Js and fast mags help with the reloading and shoot though walls make it fun and hear people get pissed ^_^. that was the MTAR assault rifle not were moving on to the M27 assault rifle. The M27 is a 30 round fully auto assault rifle its a good gun for people that get to know the maps better and it can be unlocked at lvl 31. The pros and cons of the M27. The pros of the M27 when i first used it, it took down a person with three shots, made it faster to run with and made it better for long shots like across the rooms in highjack or across the building in meltdown, reloading is faster than the MTARs reloading, and the ADS is slighly faster than the MTARs. The cons of the M27, What i didnt like about it was the iron sight was hard to see for long ranges, takes a bit longer to get kills from across the maps, eats ammo more than the MTAR and recoil maybe low but still a pain to hit someone. The attachments for the M27 same thing but my personal favorite are Fore Grip makes it more like a ACR from MW2 and MW3, red dot Faster at ADS and getting headshots for the gun, F.M.Js and fast mags same as the MTAR. Now its time to decare a winner whos it going to be is it going to be the MTAR? or the M27? and the winner is..... M27! Why? well its faster to rank up and the gun, easeir to get camo and dosent take long for headshots. Well that will do it for me, Next week we have another head to head we got the FAL OSW vs. SMR which one will be the winner and which one will be the lames gun. Find out next week im DEATHDOG77 saying ~Semper Fi and Good luck~

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