Hey guys DEATHDOG77 here and i know people have (or dont have) Die Rise for Black ops 2 but here my review on Die Rise.

Review of Die Rise

When i first got Die Rise i was "sweet lets check it out". When i first started playing it was so confucsing the opening or the start area it an hotel lobby that has been ruin and you have two places to go one is an elevator once you get on either or with three other players it will go down and you land on the floor there are four keys on the bottom floor and across there another building, you have to jump over. the next building has the power room and there doors two (i wont say with doors sorry im not doing spoil alerts). Once you have the power on the elevatiors will turn on and the perks are on them, They do randomize them every game you play. The table is back and like the same find the parts to put them together, There a new Wounder Weapon called the lquirfier (i spelled it wrong i know) but you can build it and it will be in the box later. its so fun to shoot that gun once you hit them they go splat and they slip on it two be careful you will slip and its hard to revive someone on it. The upside down room i tell you what o man its weird the guns on the wall are upside down, and you can get back to the first building there a post on the room climb on it and jump to the first building, There are new build-a-bul its called a trample steam its fun it flings zombies it also for the Achivement. The new creaters are called minion there like the nova zombies but they can teleaport and thats a bitch, Also there soilder zombies and if you have a good gun and your stuck with the M1911 well your boned hardcore. The easter egg was a pain i still havent got it done yet (becasue i can find anyone that wants to do it) But the easter egg is where you have to either help Maxis or Richtofen like in the tower of babble. Its long but its worth it. If you want to know how to do the Easter Egg, Look these guys up NGTZombies there good and he will tell you about how to do the Easter Egg and give him and the crew some thumbs up on youtube.

Pros and Cons of Die Rise

Pros- Its a huge map fun, make you work as a team, making new discoveries, no fog, and fighting new zombies.

Cons- Its fucking confuseing as hell, if you fell down the elevatior shaf bye bye, and teammates that dont want to listien and do the Easter Egg.

Thats all for me on Die Rise. For people that have Xbox wanna play Die Rise with me? Hit me up. And For Ps3 i hope this doesnt spoil your game for Zombies. Im DEATHDOG77 saying good luck and lets go Zombie Hunting

Edit Note: Hey i almost forgot one thing for the loading screen for online its the comic and if you see on the bottom right coner there looks likes a old tape recorder or something where you think they will go next? Tell me what you think

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