Hey guys DEATHDOG77 here and its been a long time since i've been here so here's my weekly update. Well to start off im starting a new clan a solo clan called F3AR im still with my clan RWTF, But we bearly get to play all of us so im working on a solo clan F3AR. We're a joint clan its called RWTF-F3AR clan if you wanna join message me on here or on xbox gamertag DEATHDOG77. My other update is Iv'e havent done a head to head with guns because people can not stop trolling me about them so i just gave up on that not naming names but im not going to do that anymore. What else im going to do a Youtube channel if i can buy the stuff for the montages, communtary and updates about games like CallofDuty, Dead island, and other games. Also when i get a YouTube channel starts (when ever i get that started) ill have like people to join me in games or have a 1v1 fights, Quick scoping matches......Naw im kidding about that one (or am i? Dr. Evil face), and funny commantary. Weapon skins i wanna talk about too. My favorite are Jungle, Cyborg, Rouge and Pack-a-Punch camos. I have Jungle and Cyborg camo im going to get Rouge and Pack-a-Punch camos when i can. My idea for camos i wanna see it Tiger from black ops 1, I love that camo because i do thats why dont ask me questions about that, the other ones i would like to see is Blue Rose, Retro (Black & White digtal camo), White wolves, and finally Monster claws like the energy drink or Rasta that one would be really cool to see as a camo. Zombies we all the buried is out and i think we all did the easter egg if not i wont spoile the Easter Egg but my guess for a 4th DLC people are saying were going to Paris, but i think we might go back to the moon because if you think about in the Mob of the dead map if you dont move the moon easter egg song came on in the death menu so if we go back to the moon here's what i think is going to go down. Ok so after buried they go to Area-51 Maxis will say" Thanks for helping me now i have one last task for you guys to do for me. go to griffin stationand power the staion. Once done ill lead you to finish the task" than Richtofen says "o joy i've been here before now listen Maxis is still trying to have you guys help him well here's the plan since's he wants to be with his little brat and you guys wants the earth set back normal? turn on the power and ill help you more now go find the power!" After you find the power Maxis will say this " Ahh good now i can finally talk without being interruped, now i need you to do is to switch on the mainframe its in the labs, there are 4 red buttons, press them and ill tell you what to do after that." When the power on Richtofhen will say " Ahhh good good good now you need to find a golding rod for the pyraimd once thats done, you need to collect the souls of the undead in thoses tubes now go i want out of this dumcoft body its starting to smell and im getting sick now go damnit." once you did maxis he will tell you this "Good Excellet now find the computers with the colors on it and unlock it so i get inside and look for the codes hurry." and when you dio Richtofhen's side he will say this " ahh good now you have the souls and the rod now pull the leaver and go to the computers and put the codes in so i can figure out what Maxis is going to do." So once that's done with the computers with the colors, maxis said this " now im in imm going to start the griffin station's anti grivity systems just give me one moment."  Richtofen said this after that's done " Ah i got it laughting anyways i need to find disks and a hose for the griffin stations computer so i can power the golding rod and put it in the pyraimd and unlocked it." Onces that done Richtofen and maxis get into a fight on the computer and after that over maxis said " Stop him now before it's too late!" Richtofen said this " hahaha you cant stop me now maxis you lose!" as soon you put the rod in richtofhen said this "hmm why is it not working o wait you need that orb go find it and once found put it in and collect more souls than hit the switch on the wall." When that's done he will say this " Yes my body hahahaha!!!!!!!! and look there Despty, Takeo and the russian my old friends and sam you can go now" he leaves samuel's body and return to his body and maxis say this "no you fools! what have you done?!?" Richtofen said to maxis " Awww sorry Dr. Maxis you and sam will be better off in the after life see you guys in hell." Maxis screams and sam said "you basters! now you will pay!" Than richtofhen will say o yeahyou want the earth back to nomal huh? Well here." he knocks you out and than he resets the world back to nomal when you wake up you see zombies abd they attack you and he laughts and it's ends there. For maxis after the anti grivty is down he wants you to fix the pyriamd and turn the switch. After that done sam pops out and said daddy im free and maxis shows as a human. He laughts and saids " Thanks for helping me distory the earth and as for you guys well your going to die!" he snaps his finger and you drop dead and he him laughting and it gose to the death menu. That's my guess it's not true dont burn me on that ok. that what i think will happen on the 4th DLC pack for zombies. Well that's all i have to say and one more tying you want to join the RWTF-RF3AR clan message me on here or Xbox ill be doing try outs and seeing how good you are and if your good enought in our clan. Im DEATHDOG77 saying F3AR RWTF.

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