Hi everyone DEATHDOG again sorry ive havent posted a weekly update for a long time. Just got busy with other things well here my weekly update.

Where do i start? Well CoD Ghost came out which everyone knows that, Im not going to get it because i think it will boring and not fun as like BO2. I really dont know much about it like the campin, Mulitplayer, and this alien mode. But if anyone can fill me in on those would you please thank you. Me and my crew havent played for a long time im starting to think that were dispanding which i dont know if we are or not. Now for zombies Ive been playing zombies for a long time and im still figure out how to do the little lost girl with co-op. I cant find anyone that wants to do it with me. If you want add me and we can play Origins. Ive been playing Sniper Elite and halo 4 a lot lately so i havent had time to play zombies. For my Youtube carrer i still have to buy the equiment for it as soon i get it i will start and post videos and game play. I figure out my name for youtube, It's gaming nerdz or gamer nerd i dont which one yet but ill figure one out, As for the Head to Head gun fights i will not be cont that because people keep trolling me and tell me "O you have this gun as the wrose than this gun" so i discont that im sorry for that but if people went such i cant say than ill cont that. Zombie map ideas. I have a couple of ideas for maps One is called Trailer park and the other one is called train station. Ill posted them as soon i can finish writing the details for them. Well thats all i have for right now but i will post more when i can im DEATHDOG77 saying Semper Fi and good luck.

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