Hi guys DREATHDOG77 here for the final fight of head to head tonight we have a good one the SCAR-H vs. Type 25 this was the most harest ones but here we go with the final fight lets begin.

Lets start this with the SCAR-H. The SCAR-H is a 20 round (30 with ext mags). fully auto assault rifle and its unlocked at lvl 8. the pros and cons of the SCAR-H. Ok i will say that for pros it had a meduim recoil but still got the job done, the iron sight helps for long ranges and it only takes three rounds to take down a person and ADS is fast two with out quickdraw. The only cons i have for this is the slow reloading time and trying to sprint with it. its a pain in the ass to run with it because it acts like a LMG. Attachents i recommend for the SCAR-H is either the Holograph or the red dot and the Fore grip helps with the recoil a little. Now were going to move on to the Type 25 assault rifle.

The Type 25 is a 30 round (40 with ext mags) bullpup assault rifle is unlocked at lvl 4. The pros and cons of the type 25. Well this one was kinda shot up but the pros are it has a meduim recoil but when you do short burts or have a select fire on it, The iron sight is good for long shots same for the SCAR-H and it takes tree shots to take down a person. The cons the only thing i got for this is reloading its slow, I mean it takes 2.9 sec to reload another round in the gun. Attachments i recommend for this gun is fore grip and fast mags. Makes reloading faster and recoil will go higher instade of meduim it will go to low. And maybe even the red dot sight.

Now its time for the Damges of the SCAR-H and the Type 25.

SCAR-H the damege is 40-30 (For Single Player is really hight 100-85)

Type 25 the damges is 33-22

Ok now its time for the final chooseing who will it be will be the SCAR-H or the Type 25? And the winner is....This was a really hard to choose but its the SCAR-H! Reason? Well because of damage and how its more higher in damage and accurcy. So now we have our four guns are going to fight to have the final spot aganst the one true gun but first we are going to do the loser guns first and one of them will come back to fight once again. Im DEATHDOG77 saying Sepmer Fi and good luck.

Edit Note: Ok there are the four winning guns M27, FAL OSW, SWAT-556 and SCAR-H they will go up aganst each other after the loser guns. Theres the loser guns MTAR, SMR, M8A1 and Type 25 they will go aganst each other tomorrow and heres how it works i use all four guns and do the pros ands cons and the damages on the guns. Which one ever wins moves on to go aganst the winning gun before the the final gun fight with the mosted used gun. So tomorrow will be the loser guns and the next day is the winning guns and finally we have the showdown with which gun made it aganst the AN-94, Yes the AN-94 is the mosted used gun i use so which ever gun makes it will go up aganst the AN-94. I DEATHDOG77 saying Semper Fi and good luck

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