Hey Guys DEATHDOG77 here and now we have the semi-finals and also its a re match between FAL OSW and the SMR who knew this was going to happen huh? Anyways there the break down we will take a look at both guns, the good and the bads, than we go to damages and RPM and than we are going to find out who is going to take on the AN-94 for the crown of best gun of head to head, Here we go!


ok here our first gun the FAL OSW the 25 or 34 with ext mag semi or fully auto assault rifle is unlocked at lvl 22. How this gun made it this far? well its because of the recoil, damages and RPM.The recoil maybe low but this gun is still deadly let's take a look at it, when your on semi-auto it takes two to three hits while with full-auto its four shots. If your a sniper and you need a good gun grab the FAL OSW with ACOG sight and either fast mags or ext mags. The down fall is the realoding time on it it's slow and if you have people shooting at you i would make sure that you have fast mags or your boned. Now the damage on this is 55-44 and the RPM is 625 on semi and 425 on full auto.

That was a look at the FAL OSW now we go to SMR assault rifle


Our second gun is the SMR the 20 or 26 with ext mags semi or fully auto assault rifle is unlicked at lvl 46. How this gun made it this far? Well same as the FAL OSW but the damages went up form 50-40 to 59-49 it went up by 4% lets hope the FAL can make it am i right. well there the good thing about it low recoil, storng damage and high RPM when semi but not for full auto thou and the down fall is reloading its slow and a pain in the back. and dont like the mag size i wish it was bigger but nope they left it at 20. For snipers its good for a back up. And the RPM is 535

Now it's times for the Damages and RPM

So now it comes down to the Damages and the RPM. Let's get this started


Damages 55-44

RPM 625


Damages 59-49

RPM 535

And the winner is....

After doing the math and making the hard choose i now have a winner and the winner is moving on the the AN-94 assault rifle and the winner of the semi finals head to head is... FAL OSW! reason why? its because of the RPM i know the damages for the SMR is high but the RPMis low im telling you guys it's all in the RPM. Congratuation FAL OSW your going to the finals aganst the AN-94! I'm DEATHDOG77 saying Semper Fi and good luck.

Edit note

Hey guys im going to post one more zombies map idea right after this one because i wont be on tomorrow night i got things to do so ill post the next day and also you guys have any zombies ideas i would more than love to read them and maybe ill do a post of them I'm DEATHDOG77 saying Semper Fi and good luck.

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