Hey guys DEATHDOG77 here with the four winning guns now last night i posted the four losers and the one loser made it to the winning guns well the SMR made so it going aganst who ever wins in this fight lets get ready to rumbel!

Here our four winning guns form the fight:





Who will win this fight? Who will go aganst the SMR and the AN-94 lets start off with the M27 assault rifle.


Our first winning gun is the M27 assault rifle. It's a 30 or (40 with ext mags) round fully auto assault rifle that is unlocked at lvl 31 this gun is good for like meduim ranges fighting like in Nuketown 2025, Hypro and Grind, Recoil is low so it makes it better for shooting and unloading a full clip on some body haha, takes down with three rounds or four if going for headshots and best thing about this gun is that it has a fast snap on a person like from a meduim to long ranges shot. The draw back on this gun is the ADS is slow well for me anyways, Select fire on it i know its a three round burst but no i dont like it and reloading time is kinda good but could be faster for me anyways. For damages on the M27 it has a 33-22 damage which i think is perrty good in my book and the rate of fire is 720 RPM. Attachments i would use is well for me its always been Fore Grip, Red Dot with the Plus on makes it better for headshots but if people have diff i want to hear because it seems for me the plus works for me and finally with the wildcard perk on it is the F.M.Js on it.

Best classes for the M27

M27 with Fore Grip, Red Dot and/F.M.Js

Secondary-  R.P.G (Raping Pimping Gun)

Perk 1- Blind Eye

Perk 2- Hardwire

Perk 3- Engineer


Our seond winning and my favorite is the FAL OSW assault rifle. It's a 25 or (34 with ext mag) round semi auto or (full auto with select fire on.) that is unlocked at lvl 22. This one is really great for long range firefight with the ACOG on it two also the low recoil on this bad boy makes it great for fast fingers shooters of i like to call them trigger happy. The ADS is good for snap on targets and the bullet hit it takes is two to three or one if your hardcore player. With Select fire on o man throw a fore grip and red dot your unstoppble, But the down fall of this gun is the reloading time slow as hell but it gets the job done, The damage on this gun is 55-44 pretty damn good if you ask me and the attachments for this gun is well select fire, red dot and Fore Grip and the rate of fire on this gun is 625 RPM (Semi-auto) 425 (Fully Auto).

Best Classes for the FAL OSW

FAL OSW with Select fire, red dot and/or Fore Grip

Secondary- B23R

Perk 1- Hard line

Perk 2- Awarness

Perk 3- Dead Slicent


Our thrid winning gun is the SWAT-556 assault rifle. It's a 30 or (39 with ext mags) 3 round burst assault rifle that is unlocked at lvl 10. Now this one love it i mean good for like getting camo fast great, low recoil even better and the ACOG sight with the pyiamid works badass also as a note it takes two shots to kill someone but the only down is when it has the select fire makes it crap i mean it hits the recoil from low to high like in 2.5 sec which sucks dont it. but damage is 40-33 and the RMP is 459 with three round burst on and fully it maybe 937.5 but that mean anything it still to high for my blood if you asked me. Attachments for this it would be the ACOG and Fore Grip good for recoil and great for headshots with ACOG

Best classes for the SWAT-556

SWAT-556 with Fore Grip and ACOG

Secondary- Crossbow (arrow to the knee) sorry i know gay and annoying

Perk 1- Ghost

Perk 2- Cold Blooded

Perk 3- Dexterity


our final and fourth winning gun is the SCAR-H assasult rifle. It's a 30 or (40 with Ext mags) round fully auto assault rifle thats unlocked at lvl 40. Now the reason why it made it this far is because of it low recoil, high damage and high RPM. But this is a perrty good for the ADS and taking down people attachments i would go for the Ecotech sigth and the fore grip on it i dont know why but it makes a good combo together.The downfall is the reloading time is slow also makes it hard for firefighting. the damages on this gun is 45-33 and the RPM is 625.

Classes for the SCAR-H

SCAR-H with Ecotech sight and Fore Grip

Secondary- R.P.G (Raping Pimping Gun)

Perk 1- Lightwight

Perk 2- Scavenger

Perk 3- Awarness

Damges and RPM

All right boys there where it comes down two the damges and RPMs for these four guns lets start comparing

M27 Damges and RPM

For Damges its 33-22

For RPM its 720

FAL OSW Damges and RPM

For Damges its 55-44

for RPM its 625

SWAT-556 Damges and RPM

For Damges it's 40-33

For RPM it's 425

SCAR-H Damges and RPM

For Damges it's 45-33

For RPM it's 625

Now it comes down to the final part which two will go head to head for the spot for the SMR and the AN-94 fight? And the two guns going head to head is... FAL OSW and SCAR-H it was a really hard thing to choose because look at the SCAR-H and the FAL OSW RPM there the same but the reason why the M27 and the SWAT-556 didnt make it  becasue of damges. Now lets go and make the final fight happen.

FAL OSW vs. SCAR-H the final fight

You all been waiting for this the final fight these two guns going head to head Lets do this guys!

Allright lets start with the FAL OSW. this gun badass on the field in action. The recoil low damage great and attachments Fore Grip, Red Dot and Select fire make it good but the one down fall is that reloading time is slow and a pain two if you dont have Fast mags on that bad boy.

Now we move on to the SCAR-H. Good damges, great recoil and best RPM like the FAL OSW attachements Fore Grip and Ecotech i mean why not come on the only downfall is the reloading time like the FAL OSW slow and a pain for in the middle of firefighting. Now that over its time to decare a winner who will be the FAL OSW or the SCAR-H? Who will move on to the SMR and the AN-94 fight and who will get laid by a girly fun (just a little funny joke).

And the winner is...

After a long and very hard choose i have made my Victor and the winner thats moving on to fight the SMR and the AN-94 and the winner of the four winning gun fight is *opening the enovlep* THE FAL OSW! Reason its not because its my favorite, that has a low recoil and that it take down a person in three shots ite the Damage it has a 55-44 rate damn good in my book. I want to thank the other guns that made it this far in the head to head fight and they will be back if i feel like it. Now we have our semi-final fight the old foes the SMR its a rematch will the SMR beat the FAL OSW or will the SMR cry and get it owned but his foe find out tomorrow on head to head im DEATHDOG77 saying Semper Fi and good luck.

Edit Note

Hey guys i want to say you know i do this for fun and reading the comments you guy put on the loser guns head to head that was perrty good and the person asked if im doing the other guns like the S.M.G, L.M.G, Shotguns and snipers? Yes in going to do thoses but after im done with the assault rifle im going to take a break form it and do my zombies map idea and if people that dose youtube like dose montages and/or i do can you put this stuff on youtube for the youtube can watch i wish i can do it but my computer sucks and i dont have movie maker for it but that would me nice anyways there were we stand as of right now

AN-94 Vs. ?

So who will move on the the final fight aganst the AN-94? Will it be the SMR or the FAL OSW? Find out tomorrow at head to head im DEATHDOG77 saying Semper Fi and good luck

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