DEATHDOG77 here with the four loser guns and this is the head to head fight loseing guns, Here how it goses i will put the four loser guns in order and i will talk about all four them and before i delacre the winner that moves on to go against the winning gun and after who ever makes it out gose against the AN-94 assault rifle. So lets start this battle. Our losers are MTAR, SMR, M8A1 and the type 25 we will start off with the MTAR assault rifle.


Our first loser gun is the MTAR, Its a 30 or (40 with Ext mags) round bullpup assault rifle thats is unlocked at lvl 4 when you first unlocked the Create-a-class. The MTAR has it good and bads for this gun like for the good side of its good for meduim ranges fight like if your playing hijacked or Nuketown 2025. The MTAR is aslo have a good reloading time better than some of the other guns, But the bad side of it is it takes four to five shots to take down one person, getting head shots are hard as hell because of the recoil the recoil maybe low but it feels like it a meduim or high. Also the MTAR has a low rate of fire timeing the rate of fire is 2.6 sec. The attaments that gose good with the MTAR well i would have to say is the Fore Grip because it makes the accaury better and stronger. The Red Dot sight makes it better for ADS, snapping on targests easier and better. And finally the F.M.Js to make the damges higher by 5% thats really good fro this gun. Even though the damge rate is 40-24 and headshots is 1.2x times that. And best classes for this would be a front line firefights.

MTAR with Fore Grip, Red Dot and Ext Mags

Secondary- B23R

Perk 1- Hardline

Perk 2- Toughness

Perk 3- Engerinee


Our second gun we have is the SMR. This gun is a 20 or (26 round with ext mags) assault rifle thats unlocked at lvl 46. This gun only has one good about it its has a high damges rate 50-40 but thats not why its on the loser slot. The reason is because it has a slow reloading time, takes six shots to take down a person and seven for head shots. but there is some good to this gun besides the damages its also it good for snipers that have a fast tiggers fingers. The attachments that gose good for would have to be thew ACOG sight because you can snipe without the sniper and long ranges and F.M.Js to increst the rate of damage instinde of six it will be more like four or three shots to take down a person. And best classes for this gun would be sniper/sniper backup.

SMR with ACOG and F.M.Js

Secondary- Crossbow or any sniper (if Overkill is activie)

Perk 1- Blind eye

Perk 2- Fast hands

perk 3- Awerness

M8A1 aka XM8

Our third loser gun is the M8A1 aka XM8. This gun has a 32 or (42 with ext mags) assault rifle thats unlocked at lvl 49. This gun is here with the loser is because of the four round burst. I dont like it because it eats the ammo to fast but thats just me i dont know what other people say about it but thats my opion moving on. The best thing about this is the low recoil and it takes three or all four shots for a take down a person and the damge is perrty good 35-24. The attaments that gose good with this gun i would have to say is laster and ext mages because more ammo is better but still dosent change that it eats ammo like candy -_-.

M8A1 aka XM8 with Laser and ext mags

Secondary- Assault Shield (with over kill activie)

Perk 1- Scavenger

Perk 2- Hard Wire

Perk 3- Awarness

Type 25

On to our last loser gun is the Type 25. This gun has a 30 or (40 with ext mags) round bullpup assault rifle thats unlocked at lvl 4 same as the MTAR. This gun is good for meduim ranges firefight, and getting all camos but the bad thing is Meduim recoil, a low rate of fire, select fire sucks on three round burst and reloading time. But the damges on this gun is great 33-22 and it takes three shots for a man to do down. Attachments thats go great with this gun well i would say Fore Grip and Fast Mags lower the recoil and makes reloadoing faster. The damges on this gun is 33-22 i know i alreay said it before but it true.

Type 25 with Fore Grip and Fast mags

Secondary- RPG (yes i know noobie gun)

Perk 1- Ghost

Perk 2- Cold Blooded

Perk 3- Dexterite

The four loser guns damages

Now we are going to compare the Damges for all four gun and the two guns that have the highest damges for the gun. We start with the MTAR.

MTAR- 40-24 for Damages

SMR- 50-40 for Damages

M8A1 aka XM8- 35-24 for Damages

Type 25- 33-22 for Damages

Now let's take a look at this closely. We all know that the SMR has the highest damages out of all of them but the MTAR comes in second. The SMR and the MTAR both have highest damages but what it comes down to it is how much better. M8A1 and the Type 25 have the lowest damages so there out. Now let's get into the final fight SMR vs. MTAR

SMR vs. MTAR Final Fight for the win!

Alright here we go SMR vs. MTAR! SMR has the good damages, best long ranges firefight, and low recoil the downfall is how many bullets it takes to kill someone and the low mag. The MTAR has good recoil, meduim ranges firefight and damages. But the downfall of this gun is the reloading time is the only thing it has o and the ADS two it takes 2.9 secs to ADS and bullets it takes three to four to take down a person.

The winner is...

After do more alsysis i have decalre a winner that will fight the spot for the AN-94 fight. Who will the winner be will it be the SMR or the MTAR? (opening the enovlep) and the loser gun thats moving on to fight the winning gun and go up head to head before the AN-94 figth is....The SMR! The reason is not only it has a low recoil and good for the long range firefight its the damage! the SMR has the highest damage 50-40. Well now we have our finlest for the fight who will move on from the winning gun class to face the SMR? Im DEATHDOG77 saying Semeper Fi and good luck.

Edit Note

Hey Everybody now that was the loser guns and the SMR was the winner but now we will find out who the winner is for the winning guns and thoses two will go head to head and which one makes it have to fight the AN-94. For the winning guns are M27, FAL OSW, SWAT-556 and SCAR-H which one of these guns will go aganst the SMR? Who will it be who will go aganst the AN-94? Who will take the crown of Best Assault rifle?

Here where we stand

Winning and Losing of head to head
Winners Vs. Losers Final result
M27 Vs. MTAR M27
SWAT-556 Vs. M8A1 SWAT-556
SCAR-H Vs. Type 25 SCAR-H
AN-94 Vs. ? ?

And heres whats tomorrows winning guns will be this

Winning Vs. Loser Final result
M27 Vs. ? ?
FAL OSW Vs. ? ?
SWAT-556 Vs. ? ?
SCAR-H Vs. ? ?
SMR Vs. ? ?
AN-94 Vs. ? ?

Find out tomorrow for the winning gun that will go against the SMR and the AN-94 Im DEATHDOG77 saying Semper Fi and good luck.

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