======== Incoming tranmission form Phantom1================================

i found out that if you have the harden copy of blackops if you have the re-master maps of zombies for world at war you will get the new one for free. If you dont have the harden copy of black ops it going to cost you 1200 microsoft points. But i know all four maps that are re-master there The night, Alyum, Swamp and the Gaint there from the word at war map packs the Alyum, Swamp, The Gaint. If you have any question about the four maps hit me up either here or on xbox live my gamertag is DEATHDOG77 send me a message if you want to play with an expert who know the maps well. Anyway just hit me up when you get a chances or when you read this. phantom1 out.

============ End of trammission======================

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