Hi y'all DEATHDOG here with a update or a blog post if you will. First off sorry about not posting for a long time, I've been busy with other things and work but no one cares about that. Anyways here's my blog post.

I want to start things off with, Im going to get Ghosts soon. After months and months of talking about it (To my self in my head) Im going to get to see what's the story mode is like. I didn't watch any of it on Youtube because I want to see the surprises, twists and all that good stuff. Muti-player I've watch some videos of it but im still going to play it anyways. Also this is off topic from Call of Duty but is anyone else ready for Sniper Elite 3? I've played Sniper Elite V2 and it was so much fun that when I was trailer for No. 3 I was like Badass! :D. I like 3rd person shooters because unlike 1st person you can see more, Like a open world kind of like WoW (World or Warcraft). Dose anyone know if Gamestop doing pre orders for sniper elite 3 by any chance? If so what are they offing with the game? I was thinking like I don't know a high power rifle or something.

Ok guys I have a question for all of you on here. If there was a Call of Duty movie how would they do it? Me I think they would do the modern Warfare series first than the Black ops series. Zombies I can see that done too. Well im off if you have any questions for me, leave them in the comments and ill get back to you. Im DEATHDOG saying Semper Fi good luck. Peace

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