Hey guys DEATHDOG77 here. ok remember i posted a thing how zombies could of been better and the DLC ideas i had. Well i want to talk about them starting with the first one, Factory. Im going to talk about the story line, and the Easter egg. Let's begin shell we.

Story line of Factory

Factory- "A abanion factory that's has been over ran by zombies you have to survive the attack and search for the keys to the factory."

Ok after the tranzit mission you go back to the lobby and you get a message that will say from maxis "Good that was step one of my master plan, I need you to go to a abanion factory to find element 115. If you succed you will be giving a gift, If you dont your life is going to be hell." After that you go to the Factory on the map, It say's " A soviet weapon factory that's been overrun by the undead. Fight yor way though the swarms of the undead and find out the truth what lies ahead in this place of misary and fear." When the loading screen is up, you hear a man say in russian "Are you ready?" You say "yes" a door opens where a light is seen and once you step outside you see this big building that has Bio hazer stickers and a poison sign says "Danger DO NOT ENTER" You look behind you and you see the man look at you and say "good luck." and it goes black. At the begging of the mission you start with you custom class and perks. When you enter the building the lights turn on and you hear a voice (Maxis). He say's " *Static* Listien i know this much be hard on you, But i dont care. You need to help me, I need you to find the Element 115 in this factory and bring it to a helicopter pad where ill met you for a trade. Ill trade you a file for the Element 115, find it and ill reward you *static* " Now this place is big and huge. but it's a destoryed inside, finding the Element 115 is going to be hard but it will be fun if you play it right. Now for the Easter Egg.

Easter Egg

The Easter Egg is where you find the Element 115 and met Maxis. Here's how it gose:

Step 1: Located the power

Step 2: After the power is on Maxis wants you to go upstairs to a lab to find a vile, Once found he will say this " *Static* You need to collect the blood from the dead Sciencetists, becareful idk if there zombies or they disappared. Go find the bodies *static*"

Step 3: When you go upstairs to search for bodies you find this black looking goo maxis says " *static* I see you found the black guck, collect that and the blood from the bodies *static* ".

Step 4: After collect the black guck the search for the bodies cont. You have to check every room. Once you find them and collect the blood maxis comes back to say " *static* ah good you found them. Now you go to the labs and do a test on those samples you collect. Once done bring them to me, Before you do i want you to place C4 on the building and destory it before you escape. *static* "

Step 5: When you find the labs you run the test. Takes a while because the machine is old and its on it last life, You can fix the machine but that take longer because the fuse is in diff spot's all over the map. When the machine is running the zombies run in there and ty to kill you, You have to fight them until the test's are done.

Step 6: After the Standoff and you grab the test result's you have to plant C4 on the building and make it tto the roof. You only have 2:00 mins.

Final Step 7: Make to the roof!

Easter Egg Ending: Once you break down the door your on the roof and see a heilcopter coming, you wave your arms to it and it's lands. The door opens and you hear maxis say " Bring me the test result's" You take it to him and he said " thanks for that now here's your award." He grabs you and brings you in the helicopter and fly away. After a bit he opens the door and pushes you out, you free fall until your screen goes black with your score and how many kills you got. Remember he wanted you to get Element 115? well when you fell it went inside your body and now you have specal powers whitch ill cover in the next DLC map.


There are 10 of them for Factory and they are:

  1. Factory of the Undead- In Factory Be his pawn in this mind game. 75G
  2. Beware of the sinners- In Factory Fight off the hoard of zombies while the test's are going. 50G
  3. Broken arrow- In Factory buy and use the new weapons from the lobby. 45G
  4. Look ali.....Nevermined- In Factory kill 20 zombies with a single explove device. 35G
  5. Power is everything man!- In Factory Turn on the power in round one. 35G
  6. Nuk'em to hell- In Factory Buy the nuke. 20G
  7. Hey! No means no!- In Factory Do not let the zombies touch you in the entier mission 45G
  8. I <3 Traps- In Factory Turn on all the traps in Factory. 20G
  9. Earn your wings- In Factory make it to the roof under 1:30. 50G
  10. C4 solves everything.....Even zombies- In Factory place all the C4 before time runs out. 35G

Well guys that's the first DLC called Factory. I hope you guys like this idea i have, Please leave a comment and let me know what you guys thinks. Im DEATHDOG77 saying Semper Fi and good luck.

Editer's note

Hey guys you might be thinking " hey where richtofen side?" I forgot to say that you can choose your path without hearing both of them. Also ill explan the class perks and buyable guns for the classes. That will be covered after the DLC maps are covered. If you guys have any ideas for zombie ideas let me know and ill come up with a storyline, perks, easter egg and how it ties in the DLC's or the Original zombies map. Im DEATHDOG77 saying Semper Fi and good luck.

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