Hey guys DEATHDOG77 here and we all know that the last DLC for zombies is Origins. And i know people have been talking about it on Youtube and here, well i want to talk about how zombies could be better and DLCs ideas for Black ops 2 zombies. Ok here we go.

Zombies Storyline

Ok we all know the hero's in black ops 2 Misty, Russman, Stu and Marltion. Ok let's begin, remember how in Black ops when we destory the earth, Richtofen switch bodies with sam and contorlled the Zombies. Maxis wanted to stop Richtofen from contorlling the Zombies and now Maxis and Richtofen are in a fuse with each other. The only people that can help is the new hero's of the broken earth withch are Misty, russman, Stu and Martion. I think how the story goes is: After the rockets hit the earth Martion is in a bomb shelter in Nuketown, NV. Misty is in her hometown (witch idk where that is.) Seen he parents get killed by the zombies and her revange on the death of her parents. Russman was once a agent at Brokenarrow (like the CIA or The CDC.) And Stu ate zombie fleash so he can hear Richtofhen and he acts crazy to everyone else. When Martion found a bus he built a auto driver to go to Green Run to see if there were any survivers or anyone left in the world. He found Misty in her hometown, Misty join Martion in the search of finding more surviver's. Once they got to the bus station they met up with Russman and Stu. Once all four hero's were met up they heard Maxis tell them about a portorl that will take them to a place, At this time stu heards Richtofen tell him about the same plan about the portal that will lead them to a place (Die Rise). Stu tell them about the plan that richtofen told him and Martion tell them what Maxis said's (confusing i know) Once they got the power on/off by which one you go with on tranzit. Once done on Tranzit they got teleported to Die Rise. When they got to Die Rise Stu started hearing something else besides Richtofhen, like a creater or something. Stu is on the roof talking to something in his head and telling them to kill russman as a offer to the creater but he denines the offer, the creater threath's Stu if he dosent he will tell them about the fleash. he fight's with the thing in his head until the zombies came close witch Russman save him and tell him "if you keep talking to your inmararly friend stu, why dont you do it in a free Z zone." Than the minion attack russman which kills him. Misty and Martiontell stu to get in the elevatior, Once they got into the elevatior there plan was to keep going and find the truth behind the zombie attacks. Stu hears Richtofen say "Accept's your faith, Begin a new" than misty said's "if were going down were going down fighting." When they get off they get killed but than he respond in the hotel room. Than stu said's "Have...have we been here before?" Once they hear Maxis or Richtofen what to do they set off to find the power and leave Die Rise. they go into a room where they have to kill Russman, They don't really kill him instade Maxis wants zombie blood instade of russman. Once they kill them they found there way out of Die Rise and heads to buried or Africa. Ok if you havent played or done the Easter Egg this is a spoilder warning. When they reach Africa or Egypt they camp at a buring plane and Russman starts talking about how the whole thing started. The hero's talked and talked until Russman talks about a old mining factory, Martion said's "What happens if we dont find anwser here?" Russman said's " than we keep asking questions" When they get there Maxis and Richtofen tells them diff. Once they do either Maxis or Richtofen sides of the Easter Egg there diff ending. Spoiler Alert! If you Do Maxis side he destory the earth and takes over the zombies and reunited with sam. Richtofen side is he kills maxis and takes over stu body. that's the storyline of zombies.

How Zombies could be better and DLCs for Zombies.

So i was thinking that zombies could of been better as a campain, think about it having checkpoints, having a custom classes like a M16 or a ray gun. Ranking systems like in multiplayer, and getting unlocked like a new perk or buy perks for your classes with points you earn. As you rank up you unlock more weapons, perks and skins for guns. Also i was thinking you can have upgrades for the guns like the PaP machine.

DLC ideas for zombies.

Ok my idea's for DLC's for zombies are

DLC 1: Factory- A abanion factory that's has been over ran by zombies you have to survive the attack and search for the keys to the factory.

DLC 2: Village- Rueal village in the Congo where the undead lives and the living fight to stay alive, But there something more than the undead that lives there. What lies underneath the village and the undead?

DLC 3: Fairgrounds- The fairgrounds was once fun for family and friends is now overrun by the undead. find your way out and have some cottoncandy....while killing zombies.

DLC 4: Town- A small town that was once know for the shopping, movies and bloody rages for the dead attacking the living, its torn between good and evil choose your said.

Well that will do it for me everybody, Ill cover the DLC maps another time. I'm DEATHDOG77 saying Semper Fi and good luck.

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