Hey guys DEATHDOG77 here. Im going to take a break from the gun thing for a while and i have a cool ideas of a zombies map but it would of been for Black ops thou. It takes places in West Germany during the the cold war era like the 1960's.

Story and Timeline

In the 1960's there was this hospital in West Germany that had all the wounded soldiers go during the Vietnam war but little did they know the Doctors are Nazi sceintests (It spelt wrong i know). During the night they took the victim and did experiments with the element 115. There was one Doctor named Dr. Stinelick (i know kinda stupid but hey its something). Before the hospital got shut down most of the sceinest left but Stinelick stayed to finish his project but the zombies overran him and he got locked into his room so the zombies wouldnt get infected. After the hospital got shut down the zombies over ran the place and Stinelick is stuck and he cant escape or else he will turn into a zombie. The timeline is set in 1968 in west burlin Germany at the old hospital where the mad man still lies and he needs to esape this past and move on.

Our heros

Well it going to be Dempty, Nikioai, Takeo and Richtofen. They get teleported in the courtyard in the Hospital. There a fence all round the courtyard and stairs. The zombies climb on the fecnes and rise out of the ground, There a M14 on the left piller and the shotgun on the right piller. Our heros run up the stairs and the door is 750 or a 1000 points to open the door and go in but the door shuts behinds them and thats when the real round start. So its kinda like moon but instaide of the Pack a Punch in the center of the map and there no time when you go inside the hospital.

The insides of the hospital

The inside is huge you start off in the main lobby where Quick Revive is up aganst the east side wall, there only two windows one on the east and the other on the west wall, and there a hallway with another door that cost 750 to open. In the next room is the lunch room this room is big, there the speed cola and double tap perks, a MP40 on the wall and the Stakeout shotgun. there windows on the north east south and west walls and next to the MP40 is another door that cost 750 points. next to the Speed cola and Double tap there's doors with a "?" on it becareful when you open those doors you can either run into a wall or fall to your death. Behind the main double doors is a hallway that has five doors. the first four has Juggernut, Black Raven, Golden God and hunter. and the last door cost 1250 points. Once you open the door there the nurses office where the box is and two windows and a door with the words painted on it "Help Us upstair..." and the door cost 2000 points. Also in the nurses office there the MPL on the wall and the AK72u. If you open the 2000 door you will get sucked in and your screen will turn black and you will hear a voice "O thank god hold on let me turn on the lights." Once the lights get turned on you will see a hallway with bodies and blood everywhere and theres four more doors and a very long hallway. The voice will say "Ok find the power it should be in the Operation room now go before the things comes!" The four doors have nothing but windows in them and parts for the easter egg. Once you get to the door at the end it cost 2500 points and thats where the operation room is and the power switch is, once you hit the power the lights and the perks comes on like always but than you will here a growing noise. the voice will come over the PA and say "O thank you who ever you are now listen im Dr. Stinelick, Im trap in a room with a metal door, Now listen i have a job for you i need you to find parts for me there all over the hospital and there very usefull for my project im trying to finish now go find them and bring them to the metal door thats located in the *Staic*." Now you have to find the metal door by yourself and parts are all over the hospital and the metal door is at behind the desk in the lobby. How you get back there? you cant the metal door opens and closes the part is taken. And Pack-a-Punch is behind the glass door on the south wall and you can Pack-a-punch twice.

Easter Egg

The Easter Egg is when the power is turned on and the voice told you what to do, So the first thing you need is a black tape is located in the lunchroom on the stacked trays, the next part is a time watch and a big block of C4. the location is in the nurses office where the box is, It's behind the desk on the floor. Next part is a bottle full of blue goo its located on the tables in the lunch room and the final part is hard to spot because it blends in with the wall but its a pin that hangs on the wall in the bloody hallway. Onces all the parts are found and handed to Dr. Stinelick Richtofen asked Stinelick "Why are you still alive and what are you doing?" Stinelick said "Ok now listen to me i made a bomb to blow this place up there no time for error i need you to is turn off the power and wait 30 sec because the power is messing up the timer go" Onces thats done he will say ok now run get out of here but there is one more thing, Here something for your help its a key for the teleporter outside now go get out of here" Before leaving Stinelick said to Richtofen "I know what you did to Maxis laughing" there will be a timer on the right hand side of the screen that counts downs form 30 to 0. It counts slow so you have time to get perks and Pack-a-Punch one more time. Onces you get to the courtyard the zombies will come and try to stop you before the hospital blows up. Once you get inside the the telepoter it asked for the key. When you put the key in the teleporter and there a cut scene where you see Stinelick watching our four heros leave in the teleporting and before the bomb went off he calls Maxis and said "Richtofen was here and he has the key" than the hospital disappare and black screen.


Well we all know the perks:


Quick Revive

Speed Cola

Double Tap

PhD Flopper

Stainin Up

Mule Kick

PhD Flopper, Stanin up and Mule Kick are not in this map sorry guys

But there are three new perks and they are:

Black Raven

Golden God


Black Raven:

Cost: 3500 points

Color: Black and purple

What it dose: Well the Black Raven is like Insta-kill but you can grab the zombies and punch them twice and they die. Also you can kick them down and use your rifle stock to crack there skulls in two.

Golden God:

Cost: 6000 (really high but worth it)

Color: Gold with a white strip down on the sides of the bottle

What it dose: Well it like Juggernut times 2. You can only get this twices but it worth and you can not get juggernut while you have Golden God perk.


Cost: 4000 (same as mule kick)

Color: Jungle Green

What it dose: Well its a mix of Deadshot Daiqiuri and Double Tap rootbeer. But instaded of shoot two bullets it shoots fire and when it hits the zombies they burn and go boom like if they got on fire and shot them. It aslo with a pack-a-punch weapon it shoots ice darts onces they get hit they frezee and die like with the winter howel.

Wounder Weapons

I have three wounder weapons i though of and they are Thunder-Couger-Falcon-Bird (futurama joke), The Buzz Saw Massacure and the Dragon

Thunder-Couger-Falcon-Bird or T.C.F.B for short its in the box for 950 points.

Now i know the name is form Futurama but this is a mini gun that shoots lighting bolts like Wunffule DG-2 it like the Death Machine had sex with The DG-2. It shoots 200 rounds of lighting bolts and it takes down five to seven zombies. When upgraded its called the Lighting and Thunder Shocker or L.T.S its shoots 250 rounds of red lighting and take down ten to fifteen zombies.

The Buzz Saw Massacure is another wounder weapon i though of for this map and this one shoot buzz saw blades that can cut there heads, arms or make them in to crawers it holdes 10 saw blades. When Up graded it call the Brutillity Unitilly Ziccor Zuts or B.U.Z.Z i know sounds werid but when you shoot it it cuts them in half and it holds 20 saw blades that has red tips on the blades

The Dragon is the last wounder weapon and this one i think is badass. What his one dose is its the spas-12 with Dragon Breath but instade of fire its mini dragons that eat the zombies and die after they kill the zombies it holds 8 shots. When upgraded Its called A 1000 suns of death its purple dragons that comes out go inside the zombies skin and eat there way from the inside out and they pop out from the zombies and the zombies turn into ash. And it holds 12 shots instade of 8 shots.

New Zombies

I though of new zombies there only two i though of and they are the Stright Jacket zombies and the Acid Zombies

Stright Jacket Zombie: If your thinking of the Dead Island zombie the huge mofo nope there like the rest of the zombies but they run fast! they show up like the dogs every five to seven rounds if your play solo its only one if more than you get the idea. What they do is if you dont kill them fast enough they will bite your arm and you lose your guns, your perks and your points and they run away. If you dont kill them before the round is over you lose everything.

Acid Zombies: These guys o man they show up any round (expect the Stright Jacket Zombies) how they show up is there will be a pool of acid, and they form and when they get a hold of you they will stare at you and scream and spit acid in your face you go down. If you can shoot them before they get to you they go boom and the acid kills the other zombies.


I though of Achivements and here they are:

1. Where do you come from? 75G

Describing- In hospital Find Dr. Stinelick.

2. We Escape from hell 100G

Describing- In hospital Escape the hospital before time is up.

3. Feel the power of god! 35G

Describing- In hospital Aquire the Golding God in one game.

4. Black Raven vs. Golden God vs. Hunter 35 G

Describing- In Hospital Aquire Black Raven, Golden God and Hunter in one game

5. Thunder, buzz, dragon killer- 20 G

Descraibing- In Hospital Aquire the T.CF.B, The Buzz Saw Massacure and the Dragon in one game

6. Who said you can spit on me! 20 G

Discraibing- Kill the Acid Zombies before they kill you!

7. Who said you can bite me! 20 G

Discraibing- Kill the Straight Jacket Zombies before you all your perks

8. Do what now? 15 G

Discraibing- Find all the parts for Dr. Stinelick

9. Peek-a-DEATH! 10 G

Discraibing- Upgrade the Dragon and kill one zombie

10. Down for the count 5 G

Discraibing- Kill five zombies with the Buzz Saw Massacure

In all the total Gamerscore form this map is 335 G.


Well me for Overall if they made this map i think it this would be fun, hard and badass also for easter egg song will be Blood from In this moment how to activite it there three skulls laying around the first one is on the desk in the lobby, the second one is on top of the Double tap and the third one is outside the window in the first floor. Well guys thats all for now but after this post will be the four winning guns sorry i was going to that first but i instaded did this so it coming dont worry if you got any ideas for a zombies idea map message me and ill read it and post on here im DEATHDOG77 saying Semper Fi and good luck

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