They guys DEATHDOG77 here once again with another zombies map idea for black ops and this time is called Village in Vietnam.


The Story line for this one is, During the bloody part of the Vitenam war there was a village that never got touched because it overran by the undead. No one not even the Viet Cong went there because it was so dangrous and so deadly they closed it off. But little did they know that there was a Viet Cong gen. names what ever his name is i dont have one for it lets call him the Gen. So the gen is being contorlled by Doctor Maxis like he's a zombie manly but he cant be killed i will tell you why later in this blog. So anyways it a big village with lots and lots of zombies.... -_- Duh. So the heros go in the village to find a missing marine but they come to find out that its crawing with the undead. And they have to find the missing marine and escape before they get turned like the others and never leave the places again.

Our heros

Well last night i had the four heros like from Der Rises and all thoses one but one person said "why not the marines like from Veurrckt?" I though about it and said hell why not so the marines are in it that do talk. i had a opening for solo and online. For the Solo it will be a opening where our heros are coming in from a huey chopper, they land and the pilot say "Now remember its a search and recuse dont get cought up in the shit and stay alive we need him and if you see the Viet Cong Gen. kill that fucker for us good luck soldier. and you start on the outside of the village. For the Online one it will be a comic book like with Nacter Der Untoten, Kino Der Toten, and the others. The four drwaing are first one the chopper landing, second one is seeing our heros with there guns, third one the village with zombies and the fourth one the zombies walking down the dirt road and in the back a big shadow person with red eyes. I think it would be cool and if i could draw really badass i could show you guys what it looked like but i suck at drawing. Anyways so yes the four marines are back that do talk.

The Village

The village well this one took some thinking but here how the village is, The village is big there huts, there houses and there a church at the other end of the village or map. There a wall all around but the zombies can get over the wall and drop down and they come from the ally ways to start until you open the huts and the houses. For the start point you start outside of the villagein a open area with the M1911 and there a busted door you have to open for 750 points, and the zombies come out from the ground by the way dame risers. Once you get into the village the pilot will say "ok your in good god i though you were killed now listen to me son we know where the missing marine is hes located at the old bunker but we dont know where the bunker is it's nowhere to be find so we think its underground find the bunker and becareful there something in the village that makes people insane we think its the VZ-4 Virus (Element 115), go and report back as soon you find it Black Falcon out." so you have to find the hidden bunker which it's part of the Easter Egg. The houses and the huts have guns and perks in there two. The main road has four huts across from them other and each door cost 250 points. The first one hut has Quick Revive and the M14, the second one across the Quick Revive hut is the Juggernut and the Olympia, the third one is next to the Quick Revive is the Double Tap root beer and the MP5K and the last hut only has the Speed Cola and after the four huts there two roads and a sign that has arrows pointing left and right and there blocked. the left side say "Town" and the right say "Church" the left said cost 1000 and the right cost 2500 i know pricey but still it's easy to get that much points rape trains right?...right?...right? Moving on if you go left there building that had nothing no doors, broken widows, bodies all over the places and traps ill tell the traps later two in this post. But there four houses that are in ruines the first house has keys woundering keys? Easter egg, the next house is also in ruins but this one has the Strike Out Shotgun on the wall and also another set of keys, the third house has two floors the first one has the Stanin up and on the next floor has the Mule Kick yes mule kick is in this map and another set of keys, and the last house is just gone but you find the last set of keys. Ok ok ok i know your thinking what is up is with the set of keys well there part of the easter egg and they do move every game. After that you can either take a path that gose though the jungle where the creater comes out or go back and open the "church" side and go though there and hit the church. Once you get there the door is already open once you go inside the door slams shut, if you turn around the Gen. Will grab you stare at you and head butt you and your screen will go black and there will be a loading bar like form Nactur Der Untoten from World at War. But you will hear the Gen. say "How dare you come in my village and try to kill me!" you wake up and you get thrown in a jail cell with the missing marine. and the Gen say "Now your going to pay i will be back to kill you myself!" and he's walkes away you stand up and you talk to the marine. He tells you what happen and needs to get out, you and him find a way to escape. Thats were the easter egg comes in o and the box is in the chruch right before you get knocked out and your under the church with two zombies trying to kill you but you kill them with a knife. And now you need to escape!

Note: Pack-a-Punch is in the room where your being held at i forgot to put that in sorry guys it slip my mind.

Easter Egg and Music Easter Egg

Now remember the four keys i was talking about? Your going to need them for this and also the missing marine he needs to be alive though out the whole thing if he dies than you restart from the jail you only get three chances if he dies all three times the game is over. Ok so there how the keys work the first one is for the jail cell, the second one is for the floor trap door in the church, the third one is for door for the church make sure you have a good gun and or a PaP gun and some perks. You and the marine have to kill the Gen but this contorlled by Maxis so there how you kill him, What you need to do is if you have a crossbow or stickiy because what you have to do is hit him all you got or the fastest way it with Mustang and Sally. His eyes are red meaning his being contorlled by maxis (his ghost) if his eyes turn yellow that means maxis is gone and if you keep shooting him he will yell NOOOOOOOOOO! and he will fade away. Now you can make it out by opening the two doors with the keys and once you and the marine go outside you will hear growing and hear zombies run and make it to the door that leads outside of the village, the missing marine needs the keys, you give him the keys and he said "ok cover me i need to know which one it is" you cover for him and onces he gets the right one he opens the door and you both run the pilot of the chopper comes down and kill all the zombies and you guys make it out alive but when your over the village something hits the chopper but you guys still make it out and the final cut scene is maxis turing into a human, walks over the radio and calls in a airstike on the village, he gose to the mirror and say "you of won this fight but the war isn't over yet evil laughting" and thats the easter egg. The music one there three teddy bears with knives though there chests location. First one is on the wall next to the door inside, the second one is in the floor in the old house where the Stanin up is at and the thrid one is on the wall upside next to the box in the church. the song is Buried Alive by A7X.


I only have two new ones they are Guerrilla Warfare and Tigers Blood

Guerrilla Warfare cost: 4500

Color: Green with purple stripes all over the bottle.

Location: Behind the church

What it dose: It makes your bullets stronger it has F.M.Js and with insta kill on makes it better becasue if you run into the "creater" all you have to do is knife it and it dies.

Tigers Blood cost: 5000

Colors Black, orange with blood red tiger strips

Location: Up on the second floor in the fourth house

What it does: once you drink this you see black and white but once you see zombies they turn red and when you shoot then they crumble into red mush and acts like a tar trap if the other zombies touch it they get stuck and after a couple of sec they turn into mush also with insta kill just one shot and boom red mush you can go over it.

Wounder Weapon

I only got one and its called the "ripper" its a M60 with blue bullets that holds 100 rounds, the blue bullets act like acid when it hits the zombies the acid eats though them and gose good with Tigers Blood i think, When Pack-a-Punch it's called R.I.P.P.E.R. (Rage In Peace Painful Eintire Race) this holds 150 with red bullets instaded of blue and makes it more fun it can any zombies with two shots.

New Zombies

Now when i said the "creature" Welll there the "creature" Its a zombies thats rip i mean big arms and a big built more almong the lines of a body builder and he has sharp bones that comes out of his hands, He showes up either when you going to the jungle part or every five rounds. What he dose is if he grabs you he will beat you three times and throw you and you can die, I recommand Juggernut, Quick Revive, Stanin up and Tigers Blood.

The Gen. His the boss but hes easy to kill if you know what your doing and he big but not strong all he dose is hit you and you fly and hit ground.


There are five for this and here they are:

Dethroned 75 G

In Village find the missing marine, kill the Gen and escape with the missing marine alive.

Survivers of the undead 35 G

In Village do NOT let the marine die in one game.

Gurrilla Warfare meet Tigers Blood meet R.I.P.P.E.R 25 G

In village have Gurrilla Warfare, Tigers Blood and the upgraded the ripper in one game.

What the...? 15 G

In village avoid the "creature" at all cost

Eat Acid zombitch! 5 G

In Village kill 10 zombies with the ripper gun

In total the gamerscore is 155 gamerscore

Well that all i have for you today stick around for later tonight we have the re-match of the FAL OSW vs. SMR who will make it to the final aganst the AN-94 assault rifle? Find out tonight here im DEATHDOG77 saying Semper Fi and good luck.

Edit note

Hey guys i want say is yes tonight is the re-match of the FAL OSW vs. SMR this one is going to be a good one and also anyone that has a youtube account can you have Hexzombies do my zombies ideas becasue i tried and he never got back to me and i dont need all the fame is just this for fun and wanting to know what you guys thinks and if you have any ideas leave a comment and ill read them tonight the semi finals of head to head i will see you guys there DEATHDOG77 saying Semper Fi and good luck.

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