Hey guys DEATHDOG77 here again with one more for the night because i wont be able to post tomorrow so here my third zombies map idea. This one is located in the Cambodia and the map is called Camp of the dead. I can't find the words for camp in Cambodia but it dosent matter dose it.


Ok this one takes place after the Village it's another mission but this time you have the marine to help you with this one so you got a Ai for solo and online. When the marine is telling you a story about a P.O.W camp he was at and it went like this. "When i was capture in 68' by the Viet Cong, they took me to a P.O.W camp in Cambodia i tell you what the one smell you never want to smell is rotting bodies, shit everywhere and guys bagging for there lives but they got killed. We bearily got fed at all they would do is hose us down and makes us work for days on in but than one day some guy came to the P.O.W camp wearing a lab coat and that has glasses on. He looked at me and some other men, he pick me and those men to do a project if i remember right he said he had a virus called VZ-4 or something crazy like that i can't remember..." As you and the marine are getting closer to the jungle he keeps telling the story "Once we got to the village there was this general they were talking and the next i know we were going downstairs into a jail cell where i was and the other men. That doctor he looked at me like i was going to die but a boom sound was outside the general killed those poor men but he kept me alive and what i saw was... that doctor turn into a ghost and took over the guys body, I screamed and blacked out. That's all i remember until you came and saved me from that hell." than that's when for solo you and the marine are about 50 feel away from the P.O.W camp in the middle of the jungle. the zombies do come out but they die with one hit and the real rounds begin when you get to the camp. The mission: is to find eventide of VZ-4 (Element 115), grab a sample for it and bring back to the CIA. What the map is well this one is big once you and the marine are inside he start talking about what went on here and he has flashbacks but the zombies are risers and there one big hole in the fences that can be rebuilt like the windows. There's three secret rooms though out the whole map but there underground but you don't know that when you play and there are four towers on the top area.

The Camp and the underground rooms

Ok this one has a bare wire fence all round the top but there six building and three have red doors whats a red door? You'll find out soon enough, the weapons like the M14 and the Olypina are on the first two bulding on the wall outside. The other ones are in the building. The first five have the perks like Juggernut, quick revive, speed cold, double tap and Stanin Up. for guns the only one in the building is the MP5K is on the east wall where the Speed cola is. Now the red doors well they can be anything there could be something like a powerup or you can fall to the underground and the red doors cost 2000 and the other doors cost 1000 i know not cheap but they its zombies ok god moving on. The undergound rooms there are four labs in the under ground both big and one window and in the center is the Pack-a-Punch that connect the four rooms there no power switch in this one thats good because it would be a pain in the ass to hit it. The Pack-a-Punch machine is behind a class tube and there four buttons but in solo you and the marine only need to hit two of then on the desk in the room. After thats done the glass tube will go up but not come down. The four towers that where the box is how you get there? Well you can teleport there, and you jump from the first one to the next one and so on and so on than you land back in the center of the map and you can do rape trains until you need to hit the box again. Also the marine will sometimes fall down and stand up and start acting weird.

Easter Egg

Well this Easter Egg is short but hard like i mission is to find the VZ-4 Vurise, get a sample of it and take it to the CIA, Well theirs where it gets hard for you there two ways of doing this after getting into the underground labs theirs a tape on the table in lab A the tape tells you about what's going on and what happen. The person on the tape say there other tapes laying around if you find them all the next step is to grab the VZ-4 and get out. The hard part finding the tapes there are eight tapes, for the online with four players its find the tapes, disable the power, find the VZ-4 and get out. And the hard part for that is the zombies and the marine acting all messed up and he dosen't help out with the tapes or anything he fights the zombies for you and get them away from you. Once you get it done you have to do the towers and onces you land on the center you have to run to the opening and run to where the chopper will pick you up. Onces you make it to the cut secen. Where you are running but the marine turned into a zombie and he pushes you down and almost bite you but than you here a gun shot, you push the dead body off you and you see it Richtofen "you must be the new guy do you have the sample of the VZ-4?" You shake your head than he helps you in the chopper and take off. The final cut secen is where Dr. maxis looks at the marine and say "Im coming for you Richtofen and your friend you can run but you can't hide from me" And that's the easter egg.


There is no new Perks, New zombies, no new Wounder Weapon and there only five achievements and they are:

I got the sample! 75 G

In Camp get the sample of the VZ-4 Virus

Let's play hidden house 35 G

In camp find the underground labs

Why did he have to die? 25 G

In camp survive the attack by the turned marine

How many tapes again we need 15 G

In camp find all the tapes

Love the view 5 G

In camp get to the tower

In all its 133 gamerscore.

Well this is my last post for the day i will posted the final fight between the FAL OSW vs. AN-94 who will take the crown i'm DEATHDOG77 saying Semper Fi and good luck.


I know i said i wasnt going to post until tomorrow but im going to post the AN-94 vs FAL OSW tonight and after the last zombies map idea i have a special post i want to do. Im not going to say but it dose have to do with future CoD games. Find out when i posted it DEATHDOG77 saying Semper Fi and good luck.

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