Hey guys DEATHDOG77 there and today i have one more zombie idea and it called base, this is connected with the Village and camp maps. This one is the final misson in the zombies game mode. It's in Hue City Vietnam and this time there something after you. How are the village and camp connect with this map? Well ill tell you how remeber in village you had to find the marine? Ok you find him and remember you have to get the VZ-4 Virus? You have it and the marine was going to join you and help but he got turned so now you have Richtofen helping you with this final push in the zombies map base.


Ok for this one here's what goes on there a opening cut secen starts with you and Richtofen are in the chopper looking down at the land with the zombies running around killing the marines down there. Richtofen start saying " Ok listen those things you been running into there zombies and they were made by this doctor named Dr. Maxis he's evil and he will stop at nothing to get his hands on that vile of Element 115" you look at him and he says "o i mean VZ-4 Virus and when we get to the base you need to help me with something and ill explan when we get there." and the cut secen is over and you, richtofen and a marine are in a jeep driving to the base but before you get there a zombie jumps on the hood of the jeep and start attaching the driver, Richtofen shoots the zombie and the jeep flips and crashes. You wake up to see richtofen fighing off the zombies he hands you a ASP pistol and yells "come on were almost there and that's were the round start before you get to the base the zombies do run after you and they only need two shots to go down. Once your at the base they walk slow once you get inside. But there something in the building watching you and watching your every move.

The Base

The base has five floors the first four is on top and the fifth is on underground where richtofen needs to be. the first floor is a lobby with chairs and two perk machines the Quick Revive and Juggernut, theres four window that is hard for the zombies to tear down. Theres a desk with a card on it (it's a ID card) you will need that card for the fifth floor. Also there a elevatior in the back of the desk when you get in the evelatior it will cost you 250 for the first four floors the fifth one can not be bought not yet a least. On the second floor there the MP5 and the M14 (the shotgun is not in this one) and a hallway with writing on the walls saying "run away dead overrunning the place" and there the Double tap and the Speed Cola and a door that leads into the meeting rooms. In the meeting room there papers everywhere, two glass doors broken with wood over them and a projecter on the table. The only thing is you need a folder that say "top secert" it's on the table next to the glass door. After you have that you and richtofen run back to the eveatior and goeses to the third floor. There you will find tape over the door means you cant go there -_- lame, so you guys move on to the fourth floor theres PhD Flopper and Mule Kick sorry no Standin up this time. On this floor you will need souls which means you have to kill zombies and the box is on this floor in the fileing room becareful it's a maze and you can get lost. But you dont have anything to get souls because you dont have the Soul Sucker/Reaper. After either getting the soul sucker/reaper you will go to the elevatior. once your in there it will start going down and start falling down, crash on the fifth floor the underground your sceen will turn black and you will hear Richtofen and someone fighting about something that's were the Easter Egg start's

Note: Pack a Punch is on this map but it is unlocked when easter egg is finished.

Easter Egg

Ok now the easter egg it's a pain becuse your going to need the card, the file and souls from the zombies. When you get up richtofen starts yelling saying "i need your help now! i need you to swap the card in the scaner to acces to the main labatory. After that's done you need to feed the machine with the souls form the zombies. Next you need to overrun the power system and call in the chopper to escape now hurry!" So what you want to do this in order, Open the labatory for richtofen, than if you have the Soul Sucker/Reaper you have to fill the machine with it and you would have to figure out how to overrun the power system? well there two ways either use the ray gun to shoot at the generator or use the DG-2 on it and yes the DG-2 is back. After you done that there a cut secen where you and richtofen are running to the top and zombies are behind them you turn around and start shooting at the zombies until the chopper comes, Richtofen ask for the files, you hand him the files and you two start running until maxis steps in front of you and knocks you down, Richtofen gets on the chopper and starts shooting maxis in the back you stand up and try to get on but you die at the end. richtofen gets away and he opens the files that say Area-51 linked to Griffin Station and goses black. and the PaP is on the first floor behind a secert door.


There are five perks in this one and there called Blind Eye, Vampire, Grimm, Devildog, and Fire breath

Blind Eye

Cost: 2500

Color: Light blue

Uses: You can hear and see farther while ADS


Cost 5500

Color: blood red

Uses: Increase your Damages towreds the Zombies and earn points by 4x


Cost 6000

Color: smokey gray

Uses: (Will only work with the SoulSucker/reaper), Grimm helps steal souls.


Cost 3500

Color: Fire red

Uses: Inmmune to the hell hounds attacks

Fire Breath

Cost 7000

Color: clear

Uses: You only can get this once but it makes your bullets turn into fire.

Wounder Weapon

There three the Soul Sucker/reaper, pyanekiller and the skewer.

SoulSucker/reaper is like the DG-2 but it steals souls and the reaper part is a three round burst and turn them into dust

it can not be upgraded

Pynekiller is a 10 round sniper rifle but packs a punch one bullet kills them

Upgraded it turn into the Royal Pyanes holds 20 and shoots two bullets instade of one

Skewer is a crossbow that shoots blades at them

Upgraded it called your S3w3r3d shoots ice blades that cut there legs off or heads


There are six and they are

He escape hell well....almost 75 G

In Base: Help richtofen get to Area 51

Let's play Grim Reaper 45 G

In Base: Aquire the Grimm perk and the SoulSucker/reaper in one game

Z for Zombies B for blood 25 G

In Base: Aquire the Vampre perk

I need SOULS! 25 G

In base: grab all the souls in one game

You can't hurt me... 45 G

In Base: dont get down in one game

My own party! 10 G

In Base: Aquire the DG-2 and the SoulSucker/Reaper

in all for gamer score is 225 over all from all four is 848 Gamerscore. Well that's all for the zombies i hope you guys like this guys im DEATHDOG77 saying Semper Fi and good luck.


Hey guys im going to do my specal post either tomorrow or friday so get ready for that and the head to head thing is still around so the next guns are smgs DEATHDOG77 Semper Fi and Good luck

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