• UberGamer

    First Thoughts?

    December 31, 2010 by UberGamer

    Recently I've been getting a lot of hostility in my top 10 blogs and whatnot, but I'd like to know what people who actually thought of me positively to post their opinions of me below.

    If anyone spams or trolls on anymore of my blogs, this one included, you will suffer the wrath of Deadly_MoFo.

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  • UberGamer


    9:Deadly Savage



    6:MLSA1125 (bet you can't figure this one out. HINT:Clan)

    5:Akimbo Slice




    1:Deadly MoFo

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  • UberGamer

    10:RCXD backflip detonation (mine)

    9:Ballistic Knife IN THE FACE (also mine)

    8:5x C4 ambush (yes, that would be mine)

    7:Noscoping a knife fail-er (is that even a word?) with an L96, point-blank (uh, yeah, mine.)

    6:RPG Jump Shot across Launch (need I say anything?)

    5:Forcing an entire team into the blast of the missile on Launch with my friend joharri (mine, obviously)

    4:Tomahawk in the ass (totally mine)

    3:Destroying Care Package chopper, then getting a kill with the falling package (lol, mine)

    2:Crossbow in the face across Havana (not mine...JK)

    1:Diving through a window firing Dual Makarovs and getting a 3 headshot triple kill. (yes, also me)

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  • UberGamer

    10:Ratchet and Clank Future:Tools of Dstruction Halo 3

    9:MAG Aliens vs. Predator


    7:Mercenaries 2: World In Flames Call of Duty: World At War

    6:Red Faction: Guerrilla Halo: Reach

    5:Fallout 3

    4:Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

    3:Battlefield:Bad Company 2

    2:Fallout: New Vegas

    1:Call of Duty: Black Ops

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  • UberGamer

    10: 5-man multikill with MP5K

    9: 37 enemy killstreaks obliterated IN ONE MATCH

    8: 26 kills in TDM with Commando Suppressed

    7: Created a badass emblem

    6: Created an even more badass clan tag

    5: Crossbow kill across Havana, down main street

    4: Made an entire team run in terror

    3: 5 killstreak....with Care Package Grenades

    2: Ballistic Knife Longshot Headshot on Summit

    1: 97 kills, 2 deaths in Demolition (using suppressed Commando while listening to "Blackened" by Between the Buried and Me)

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