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Top 10 Series: Deadly MoFo's Epic Fails

UberGamer December 24, 2010 User blog:UberGamer

10: Planting C4, then sitting on the controller and detonating it

9: Sneezing while piloting Valkyrie missile, rerouting it to my face.

8: Foolishly diving directly into an RCXD

7: Foolishly throwing a grenade against a wall in a small room full of friendlies in Hardcore

6: Dropping controller, causing me to run into blast chamber in Launch during missile launch

5: Scratching ass while in middle of firefight

4: Diving into a room full of Claymores

3: Looking at picture of "that special someone" and missing a 3x collateral

2: Diving into exploding car

1: Killing myself with a Tomahawk (not as hard as it seems)

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