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Top 10 Series: Deadly MoFo's Epic Wins

UberGamer December 24, 2010 User blog:UberGamer

10: 5-man multikill with MP5K

9: 37 enemy killstreaks obliterated IN ONE MATCH

8: 26 kills in TDM with Commando Suppressed

7: Created a badass emblem

6: Created an even more badass clan tag

5: Crossbow kill across Havana, down main street

4: Made an entire team run in terror

3: 5 killstreak....with Care Package Grenades

2: Ballistic Knife Longshot Headshot on Summit

1: 97 kills, 2 deaths in Demolition (using suppressed Commando while listening to "Blackened" by Between the Buried and Me)

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