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Top 10 Series: Funniest Black Ops Kills

UberGamer December 24, 2010 User blog:UberGamer

10:RCXD backflip detonation (mine)

9:Ballistic Knife IN THE FACE (also mine)

8:5x C4 ambush (yes, that would be mine)

7:Noscoping a knife fail-er (is that even a word?) with an L96, point-blank (uh, yeah, mine.)

6:RPG Jump Shot across Launch (need I say anything?)

5:Forcing an entire team into the blast of the missile on Launch with my friend joharri (mine, obviously)

4:Tomahawk in the ass (totally mine)

3:Destroying Care Package chopper, then getting a kill with the falling package (lol, mine)

2:Crossbow in the face across Havana (not mine...JK)

1:Diving through a window firing Dual Makarovs and getting a 3 headshot triple kill. (yes, also me)

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