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Top 10 Series: Gaming Quotes

UberGamer December 9, 2010 User blog:UberGamer

I'm starting a top ten series of various aspects of gaming, so here goes.

10-"But I want it!"-JFK, 'Five'

9-"Settle down, Dick. It's just the storm."-JFK 'Five'

8-"Damn you hippies!"-Nixon, 'Five'

7-"The game was rigged from the start."-Benny, FNV

6-"F*ck. You."-Mason, Black Ops

5-"LEEERRRROOOOOOYYYY!!!!!!!"-Yeah, that game.

4-"HEYOO!"-Steve, B-lands

3-"We are all soldiers without an army, abandoned by our nations...At Vorkuta, we are ALL brothers!"-Reznov

2-*sexy stare*-Sarah(chick in Pentagon), Black Ops

1-Dragovich. Kravchenko. Steiner. All must die."-If you don't know this, you officially suck.

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