Ascension Zombies

Ascension...Watch Your Back!

Hello Everyone! Welcome to the Horrors of the Game inside the Game! Im here to give everyone that visits a little bit of information on Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies! Ill give tips, give descriptions of maps, and once in a while, I'll give everyone a small treat...An Easter Egg featuring one of the Call Of Duty Zombie Maps! Battle your way through a Russian Space Base, Fight off the Zombies and their newer versions of them as you hack and slash your way out of a Huge Jungle Maze, Fight in the Heat of the a Cold Movie set where Zombies have turned a friend into your darkest enemy,and finally Live or Die...of Air as you fight your way to the end of the Zombies storyline in a map that is literally out of this world. And Remember...Rule#1: Watch your Back! Enjoy

Helping Info: Most people believe that the easter egg is the Hidden Song...Fortunatly, they're wrong. The Easter Egg is a Hidden Challenge that can reward the player(s) with either a Trophy/Achievment, Drop Guns, Perks, and even all of those together! Also, some easter eggs require patience, skill, time, good connection, Headphones(SEVERLY Recommended), and usually 4 people.

Ascension: The Space Base of Zombies! This strange and exciting map is the introduction of new perks, better songs, newer weapons, and something much bigger and better than all of those put together...Its very own 1st Easter Egg! The 4-playable characters Richtofen, Tank Dempsey, Nikolai, and Takeo have appeared at a Russian Site where missile launching hid the real work they did...experimentation with 115! As our characters appear in this map they hear a voice...' me...she's coming for me...the Mechanism must be repaired!..." Determined to help the poor soul, and get closer to his Final Plan, Richtofen and our Zombie-Fighting Characters Join the Fight! Note: You MUST have 4 players in order to complete this Easter Egg! Headphones are Severely Recommended! Also, Double-Tap has been removed from Ascension.

New/Special Enemys:

Monkeys, but these monkeys arn't normal...if they come in contact with a perk machine that a player(1-4) owns, it will remove the perk from the player(s)! Note: Monkeys are fierce fighters but usually only head for the perk. It is SEVERELY Recommened in the Higher Rounds to keep the perks alive!

New/Special Weapons:

Gersh Device(Secondary Equipment), Russian Dolls(Secondary Equipment), Sickle(Replaces the Knife).

Gersh Devices: The New Monkey Item!: This weapon will create a Black Hole that will attract all nearby zombies and kill them. Also, if you jump through the Black Hole, it will randomly place you somewhere else. (Box)

Russian Dolls: The New Semtex Item!: This Doll may look(and some of them are...) funny and may glow but beware, this harmless Doll explodes into 3-5 smaller dolls and then they explode! (Box)

Sickle: The New Knife Item!: We all love to Hack and Slash, but this little knife gets useless and doesnt have that good of a reach. The Sickle is a heavy damage melee weapon that has a slightly farther reach than the normal knife. Price: 3000

New/Special Perks:

PhD Flopper: Do you hate constantly getting hurt by a Ray Gun, Grenades, and Dolls? Well lets fix all that up with a Little PhD! This perk gains invincibilty to all weapons that cause explosions and splash damage. Also if you dive from a higher platform onto a lower area, you will create an explosion around you that can kill Zombies! Price: 2000

Stamina-Up: Hate carrying a heavy gun and sprinting for a very little time? Well lets Drink an energy drink called Stamina-Up! With this perk your sprinting with all weapons is increased and you sprint for an increased duration as well! Price: 2000

(Recently Added) Mule Kick: Hate having to chose between 3 guns? Well lets take all 3! With Mule Kick, you can hold 3 primary weapons, but the price is Very High! Price: 4000

Easter Egg: The Easter Egg is long and requires a lot of Weapons. But Fairly Easy if all of your team-mates can get to level-20 solo. The Easter Egg starts when a man(Name assumed by others to be Gersch, this is unconfirmed by me wether this is true or not...) Ask the players to help him {before Samantha/Sally(Zombies Master) reaches him} by repairing the ?Mechanism?( This is said to have a name and it is said that he may be trapped in it...)Always determined to get closer to his Final Plan, Richtofen decides that the 4 should help him...

Required Weapons: Russian Dolls, Gersch Devices, Crossbow(PAP), Ballistic Knife(This is unconfirmed, but it is said that this does NOT have to be PAP to do a step...) Ray Gun(PAP), ThunderGun(PAP).

Fun Fact: All of the steps in this Easter Egg are related to the Steps from Vorkuta. They're are several Dolls and Radios around the stage that may give you insight on Samantha's/Sally's and Richtofens plans...

Easter Egg Steps: After some time I will now put in the Ascension Easter Egg for those who need it...Enjoy!

Step 1: (Gersch Device Required)-Secure the Keys!- After making your way to the Box(Turning power on is optional but recommened) and have obtained the Gersch Device, make your way to the Lunar Lander next to PhD. Right before going up the metal steps to the Lander, look right and you'll see a Generator that will every so often spark. Throw a Gersch Device near it and it will be sucked in.

Step 2:(Power May be Required)-Ascend from Darkness!- Now make your way to the Junkyard where the Lander next to Stamina-up is. Look under a Metal Staircase to see a TV with static on it. Hold the Action Button(X or Square) and it will show a symbol(Said to be an Illuminati Symbol) up on the screen. This is the First Power Node.

Step 3:(Headphones and 4 people Severly Required/Recommened)-Rain Fire!- On a Monkey Round, you need to Position one player at each of the Perks(Excluding Quick Revive and Mule Kick). On the wall a red button will appear next to each of them(A very quite but detectable noice can help you). You must find them and once everyone has found their button, you must all push button within a second of the 1st button being pushed. This is the Second Power Node.

Step 4:(Ballistic Knife Required)-Unleash the Horde!- Now if you haven't yet you must Launch the Rocket(Destorying is not said to be required but this is unconfirmed by me...) and make your way to the spot it stood upon. Now with the Ballistic Knife(It is unknown to me wether this must be PAP to do this step...) all the players must stand in the area and wait for the clocks 1-minute timers to end. Once it has ended, a Nuke will kill any zombies present. This is the Third Power Node.

Step 5:-Skewer the Winged-Beast!- Now riding any lander will have a different letter corresponding to it. You must spell the word 'Luna". Here is the way that youll need to do it...

Have someone call landers if the lander is at spawn...

L-From the Spawn to Stamina-Up

U-From Stamina-Up to Spawn

N-From Spawn to Speed Cola

A-From Speed Cola to Stamina- Up

This is the Final Power Node...

Step 6:(All Weapons except for Ballistic Knife Required and PAP)-Weild a Fist of Iron!- Now next to the Stamina-Up lander their is said to be a whistling noize present...the projector will point to a spot on the ground..Throw a Gersch Device at this spot and then Dolls right after. Now your team must Shoot it 4 time with the Zeus Cannon, 10 Times with Porter's X-2 Ray Gun, and Once with the Crossbow. Make sure it explodes and then(It is unknown to me wether you have to do this next thing or not...) jump through it...

Complete: You will earn 90-second death machines and can complete the next 2 steps with some fun...

Step 7: Raise Hell! Kill as many zombies as possible!

Step 8: Freedom: You freed the helpless soul...

Credits: Thank you for reading this easter egg in hopes it helped you. As a treat i'll give you a sneak preview at the next easter egg...

(Teleporting Sound) After their efforts have paid off in Ascension...the Crew is teleported to a Dark and Cold area...

Nikolai-"Ahh! Im blind! In my eyes!" Dempsey-"Holy ---- too. What did you do Richtofen?!" Richtofen-"I dids nothing...oh look! A lever maybe this will..." Dempsey-'Ack! That is not a lever...Richtofen!" (Richtofen Laughs) " you hear sounds like it's coming from outside..." (Outside) 'Were completly surrounded!" "Were completly ------!" (Man makes a weird noize) (Shotgun shells being shot) 'Are you girls kidding me? Ive been praying for this ----....Cmon!" (Sound of a Door being opened violently...) "Boys...lets get to work!"

If anyone has any Problems/Concerns about this...please feel free to let me know...The next Easter Egg will be shown soon...Keep Killing Zombie Killers! -Ultimate Troll

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