So this Cross-platform games stuff really got me to think: Would Infinity Ward/Treyarch/Sledgehammer Consider to release cross platform multiplayer for their upcoming games? (I'm not saying that they should sell it as a separate DLC, god no XD) Anyways... I actually got a lot of reasons to think of this, i'm also curious if COD: Strike Team actually has Cross-Platform MP (if so, then i will probably consider getting it, if its not region locked (I'm Venezuelan)) However, the main 3 creators might have trouble while making a cross platform MP, especially with XB1 (i dont hate the Xbox One) Here is my source (its kinda old thou)

So, i think thats all i could say, leave your opinions in the comments, tell me if there is something wrong and ill try to fix it and most of all, thanks for reading ;)

-Vallidan750 (Danny)

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