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  • Vercettijohnsoncipriani

    ok guys i found a video of a black ops zombie map part 1

    part 2

    check em out they are real

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  • Vercettijohnsoncipriani

    ok so i checked something about the beta and found that gold camo is confirmed by treyarch employee vahn how about that

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  • Vercettijohnsoncipriani

    it would be cool that in vietnam jungles the SOG kill a lot of vietnam soliders and then there are a lot of russians which only 1 is back and kills two SOG members and leaves yoy in the ground without weapons and he says nobody messes with DIMITRI PETRENKO then Reznov says Dimitri???? then he says reznov i missed you since you "retired" and i am still a private Reznov asks Woods can he be a SOG member? he says yes he takes on a SOG outfit and he helps you and gives you your guns back then at the end you (Mason) gets killed and next mission you are Dimitri

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