After 4 months of Modern Warfare 2 I’m now rather bored with the maps. So I have created this Blog to collect your ideas and see what people would like to see in the map packs.

My wishlist:

Mud: This map is just a huge field with trenches at each end, I think this would be a great map for sniping. It’ll be set just outside D.C and the fighting will be between the Spetsnaz and the Rangers

Whiskey: As the name states this map will be based on the level ‘Whiskey Hotel’. It will encourage all kinds of classes as snipers can be prone on the lawns and SMG’s can storm through the offices.

Suburbs: This will be set on the start of the mission ‘Wolverines!’ It will be a long road with houses on one side and Fast Food stores and local shops on the other.

There all my suggestions for now but please add your own!

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