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    On the 14/09 Reggie Fils-Aime, The CEO of Nintendo America has confirmed the leak from the GameStop conference. What was the leak? The release of the Wii U for America was slated to be on the 18th of November, So only one month until the release of the next console from Nintendo.
    Oh, And on release there are going to be two variations of them, The Normal edition at $299.99 USD and the Deluxe edition at $349.99 USD. What's the difference you might wonder?
    The Basic version, which comes in white, will include the console, one GamePad controller, an AC adapter for both, a high speed HDMI cable, and the sensor bar also with 8 gigabytes of internal memory.
    The Deluxe version, which comes in black, has all of the above, plus 32 gb of internal memo…

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  • Vulpes Twigy

    Temporary Hiatus

    July 13, 2012 by Vulpes Twigy

    Just a quick note that I am going to take a temporary hiatus from both here and the My Little Pony Wiki.
    I am not feeling the best at this moment and with that I need to think.
    This hiatus might not be temporary or that only and might stem to Steam, Xbox Live and any form of gaming until I am recovered from my Wisdom Tooth, Mental state and Depression (Though it's not going to last that long until I feel the need to game again).

    Thank you for reading this.

    I realised that I have overreacted with this. If I needed a break, I should of taken one without over OTT with a blog and all that, Yes I am still the same as ever, Just needed a few hours to think. Also 6 hours of sleep isn't bad.

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    Image updates!

    June 21, 2012 by Vulpes Twigy

    If you've been looking at the Camouflage image, You should be seeing two new templates.

    1. Should be put on images which need Transparency to help make the image stand out from the background, Do not add this to personal images as it is the job of the uploader of that image to do it themselves.
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    Chat Message

    May 16, 2012 by Vulpes Twigy

    Yea, Yea. Most people expecting from me a sad story about something, But this blog is not like that.

    But I would like to do something different, You guys in the Special:Chat have done something major.
    You've changed me for the better.
    I wouldn't be a brony.
    I wouldn't know a lot of the people I call friends.
    I wouldn't be gaming on a PC.
    I wouldn't be who I like now.

    So I have one thing to say to everyone, No matter what you think you've done something I couldn't do alone, Even when I'm feeling like complete shit you stuck by me, Even if I tried to push you away... So everyone.

    Thank You.
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    Today on the 25 of April is the day known as ANZAC which is about the Gallipoli campaign which was the Australia and New Zealand Army Corps going to the Ottoman Empire and capturing Constantinople.

    Well, For many people who are born with New Zealand or Australia blood flowing through their veins this day for remeberance as this was the main campaign which ANZAC fought in.

    It has been 97 years since the start of the campaign and... Well, The only thing I can say is for people to take a moment of their day and just think of the sacrafice that the soliders in that campaign had to go through, Watching deaths of their friends, Missing their family and homeland...

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