If you've been looking at the Camouflage image, You should be seeing two new templates.

  1. {{JPG}}
  2. {{Trans}}

The reason why I have done there are for a few reasons but the main reason is the fact we have a load of low quality images and untrans'd ones; The templates are placed on the actual article, Not on the image its self. These templates also link to two new Categorises to help image takers and editors to find these images without having to hunt down through the articles.

Hope this clears up the reason for my recent Recent Changes spam. Thanks.

How to use these templates.

{{JPG}} Should ONLY be used on images with the file extension ".jpg" or ".jpeg".
{{Trans}} Should be put on images which need Transparency to help make the image stand out from the background, Do not add this to personal images as it is the job of the uploader of that image to do it themselves.

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