Lately with all the stuff that has been happening in the Chat I've been feeling... Well, Depressed about it.
I feel very unneeded and I feel that the chatters are changing.
This isn't the chat I joined back in October.
This isn't the chat that turned me into a brony.
This isn't how I remember Call of Duty Wiki Special:Chat.
Not at all...

So I am going to take a small break... I hope that it is small but it might grow into me leaving the Special:Chat for good.
I will still be on Call of Duty Wiki, Though doing what I did years ago on RuneScape wiki.


I will leave you with a saying of mine.

"People say "A picture is worth one thousand words." That is false, A picture is not worth one thousand words but worth more.
A single picture can tell a story, A single picture can build empires and tear them down... A single picture is worth a lot more than a mere thousand words.
— Twigy

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