• WOOtage Master

    HEY! So I am hopefully going to make a FPS gun game. But in liek five years whenever I am capable of doing so. It's going to be the perfect match of the smoothness of CoD and the realism of Battlefield 3. The smoothness in CoD because when I shoot a gun in CoD it actually has a feeling that that gun would give, but in battlefield it seems that the weapon recoil is not really worked on hard to be realistic, its just horrible. But the graphics of battlefield 3 are an eyegasm. And to prove that battlefield doesnt have a good feel to weapons, thats why they dont have MLG on it. CoD does because its IDK. Just IDK haha. But you get what I mean if you even read this. But basically I want to know what you guys like out of the both games/improvemen…

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