Since the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops II, there have been many widespread conversations online about the weaponry in the game. I thought I would take a closer look at the new weaponry in the game. In comparison to the first Black Ops game, there are over 60 new weapons.


AN-94 menu icon BOII

It fires fully automatic by default, with the first two rounds being fired faster than the rest of the burst. With the Select Fire attatchment, the AN-94 becomes a two-round burst weapon with extremely low recoil. It is the last assault rifle unlock in Multiplayer.

Animal Trap

Obtaining Animal Trap Pyrrhic Victory BO2

Operating similarly to Claymores, this "weapon" traps enemies instead of killing them instantly, however, the enemies will eventually bleed to death. These traps can also be loaded with Mortars which will instantly explode enemies. The maximum ammunition for this weapon is five.

Assault Shield

Assault Shield Menu Icon BOII

The Assault Shield works similarly to the Riot Shield in other games, with one key improvement. This shield allows players to plant the shield into the ground to serve as cover while switching to another weapon. The Assault Shield can do up to 100 damage.

AT Mine


This anti-tank mine functions similarly to a Claymore, but is used to destroy vehicles. It can be found in the mission Old Wounds and has a maximum of five ammunition.


B23R Menu Icon BOII

This handgun has a three-round burst and is unlocked at level 19. It does a damage of 45-19 and has a magazine size of 15 (with an extended clip of 21). The gun also makes an appearance in the Nuketown Zombies map.


Ballista Menu Icon BOII

The Ballista is a sniper rifle. In fact, it is the only sniper rifle in the game that has iron sights. The magazine size is ten rounds. This sniper rifle is unlocked at Level 43. It also has an extremely low recoil.

Black Hat

Black Hat Menu Icon BOII

Unlocked at Level 25, this piece of tactical equipment will allow the player to hack enemy equipment and scorestreaks by either destroying it or converting it for the hacker's use. The Black Hat can be used through walls and has an extremely long range.

Chicom CQB

Chicom CQB Menu Icon BOII

A bullpup submachine gun that is unlocked at Level 37. This gun has a medium to low recoil and has a magazine size of 36, with an extended clip it can hold 48 rounds. Chicom CQB in default configuration can be useful in close quarters in comparison to other SMGs due to its high cyclic fire rate which can be fired just as fast as full auto.

Combat Axe

Combat Axe menu icon BOII

This weapon is a variant of the Combat Axe. It can be unlocked in single-player after five challenges have been completed in the mission Pyrrhic Victory. It requires no button to recover after it has been used.

Combat Knife

Combat Knife menu icon BOII

Unlike the standard knife it can be brought out for faster use and is held in the right hand instead of the left. Removing the primary or secondary weapon slot equips the Combat Knife. It can do a damage of 100 and is unlocked at Level 1.

Cratering Charge

Cratering Charge BOII

This explosive weapon is used by Alex Mason in the mission Old Wounds.

Data Glove Paired

Black Ops II Data Glove Paired

Otherwise known as the Interactive Wrist Mounted Display (I.W.M.D.), this wrist-mounted device designates targets for player-allied machinery, as well as hacking, communication, grapple rope firing, facial scanning, and recording audio.

DSR 50

DSR 50 menu icon BOII

This bullpup, bolt-action sniper rifle is unlocked at Level 4 in multiplayer. This gun does a base damage of 98. The gun has the following multipliers - Head: x2 (x2) Chest: x1.5 (x1.5) Stomach: x1.1 (x1.1) Shoulders x1.1 (x1.1) Arms: x1.1 (x1) Legs: x1 (x1). This sniper rifle has a capacity of 5 rounds.

EMP Grenade

EMP Grenade Menu Icon BOII

The EMP grenade is available in campaign as part of the create a class setup. It is very useful when comes to disable enemy turrets and drones so the player can destroy them in relative safety in the effect's duration. It is unlocked at Level 11.


Executioner Menu Icon BOII

The Executioner (formerly known as the Raging Judge) is a revolver that appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops II. It is unique in that it fires shotgun shells as opposed to regular bullets. It is unlocked at Level 31 and has a magazine size of 5 rounds.



It deals high damage and is capable of 2 shot kills up to medium range and only 3 shot kills at long range. No other assault rifle can compete in terms of time to kill other than the SMR which although has 5 more points of damage up close still kills with the same amount of bullets. However, the FAL OSW has a higher rate-of-fire cap and 5 more rounds in the magazine.


FHJ-18 AA Menu Icon BOII

This launcher is unlocked at Level 4 and is a Chinese shoulder-fired SAM launcher. It can be equipped with Iron Sights.

Five Seven

Five-seven Menu Icon BOII

This gun is a semi-automatic pistol. The Five Seven is featured in Black Ops II multiplayer, where it is the default pistol unlocked. It sports high damage, a large magazine and very minimal recoil, and is quite spammable. While it has a 2 hit kill potential, its damage drops off very quickly to a 3-4 hit kill.

Fragmentation Grenades

Grenade menu icon BOII

These grenades fragment on explosion.


Galvaknuckles BOII

This special melee weapon appears in the Zombies (mode) in Black Ops. The Galvaknuckles get an animation when first bought. The character will punch their other hand in the traditional gesture, but shock themselves in the process.



This gun also appears in the Zombies mode. This light machine gun has a magazine size of 75 (101 when using an extended clip) and a damage rate of 40-24. This weapon can be Pack-a-Punched a variety of times.


KAP-40 Menu Icon BOII

This gun is a fully-automatic handgun. It can be attached with Reflex Sight, Extended Clip, Laser Sight, Long Barrel, FMJ, Fast Mag, Suppressor, Tactical Knife, and Dual Wield. It is unlocked at Level 43 and has a damage rate of 45-19.

KSG 12

KSG Menu Icon BOII

The KSG 12 returns after being in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. In Black Ops II, it appears in the mission Karma in a security weapons cache. After Karma you can select it for use anytime before a mission. It has a magazine size of 14 shells.



This light machine gun can be equipped with the Reflex Sight and a Hybrid Optic. In multiplayer it is unlocked at level 13. It is extremely powerful and does a damage rate of 40-24. It has a magazine size of 100 with an extended clip of 135.


M1216 Menu Icon BOII

Unlocked at Level 52, this shotgun fires at a rate of 468 rpm. The weapon shoots a rapid burst of four shots. When every four shots is fired, the player will cycle to the next chamber to continue firing. It has a high rate of fire and therefore appears to down enemies very quickly.


M27 Menu Icon BOII

This assault rifle is unlocked at Level 31. It can have the following attachments - Reflex Sight, Quickdraw, Fast Mag, ACOG Scope, Foregrip, Adjustable Stock, Target Finder, Laser Sight, Select Fire, EOTech Sight, Suppressor, FMJ, Hybrid Optic, Extended Clip, Grenade Launcher, and MMS.


M8A1 Menu Icon BOII

This assault rifle appears to be the main weapon of many allies found in-game, including Harper. It is available in all Zombies modes for 950 points in the mystery box. It retains its four-round burst fire mode from multiplayer. Pack-a-Punched, it becomes the Micro Aerator.

Manual Crossbow

This weapon is a secondary Special weapon available in the campaign mode. It fires in a single shot.

Mk 48

Mk 48 Menu Icon BOII

This light machine gun is unlocked at Level 4. Its slower rate of fire in comparison to other weapon types, assault rifles and submachineguns, as well as other light machine guns means that this weapon is best used from longer ranges.

MM1 Grenade Launcher

MM1 Grenade Launcher Menu Icon BOII

The MM1 is incredibly powerful, with a massive magazine storage of 24 rounds. However, the player's mobilty is highly decreased whilst the MM1 is equipped, and the rate of fire is very low, more so than the War Machine.


MP7 Menu Icon BOII

The MP7 returns in Call of Duty: Black Ops II. It is equipped with a 40 round magazine by default and has very low recoil similar to its Modern Warfare 3 counterpart.



This automatic submachine gun is unlocked at Level 28. It has a magazine size of 30 and can do a damage rate of 40-18.



This assault rifle is extremely versatile and can be found in the campaign, multiplayer, and Zombies mode. In the Zombies mode, it starts with a medium amount of ammo, 240 rounds, and has good damage. Recoil is minimal, but the bullets spread even while in ADS making it difficult to use past close quarters. Once upgraded, it is called the Malevolent Taxonomic Andonized Redeemer.

Network Intruder

Network Intruder BOII

The Network Intruder is a crucial piece of equipment used in the missions Shipwreck and Dispatch.


First found in the mission Suffer With Me this piece of equipment acts similar to the Decoy. When thrown, creates smoke, and randomly shoots rounds around its surroundings. It will distract enemy attention towards the player and attracts them towards it. If the enemy stand close to it for a prolonged amount of time, they will die due to the gunfire coming out of it.


PDW-57 Menu Icon BOII

This submachine gun is unlocked at Level 4 and has a starting ammunition of 50+150. It can deal damage of 35-18 and has a magazine size of 50 rounds.

Phalanx CIWS

Black Ops II Launch Trailer 5

These mounted guns are featured in the mission Odysseus and are primarily used to take out aircraft and other airborne projectiles.

Pulwar Sword

Sword Old Wounds BOII

This melee weapon can only be equipped if players are using the Access Kit. It can be found in the missions Old Wounds and Achilles' Veil.



The QBB LSW is unlocked from the start at level 4. It has moderate recoil and a very high firerate which makes it suitable for suppressive fire. The high firerate also allows the QBB LSW to be used in a more aggressive playstyle and is capable of competing with Assault Rifles and some of the Submachine Guns at closer ranges much better than the other weapons in the LMG category.

Remington 870 MCS

R-870 MCS Menu Icon BOII

The Remington 870 MCS is the first shotgun to be unlocked at Level 4. It possesses an impressive range, getting one shot kills in close-medium range. It also has a rather quick pump action, but it still has a slower fire rate than most shotguns in the game.


RPG Menu Icon BOII

These rocket launchers appear to be used primarily by the enemy forces in their attempts to take down the US President's convoy and Anderson's FA-38.


S12 Menu Icon BOII

The S12 shotgun appears in all modes of the game. It is unlocked at Level 4 and has a medium recoil rate. It also has a magazine size of 10 shells.



The SCAR-H returns in Call of Duty: Black Ops II in both the Campaign and Multiplayer. The SCAR-H is unlocked at level 40 in multiplayer. It draws its feel and characteristics strongly from the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 version.

Sensor Grenade

Sensor Grenade Menu Icon BOII

This new type of Tactical Grenade works similar to the Recon perk with the exception that players with Cold Blooded can't be detected with this grenade. It is unlocked at Level 6 in multiplayer.

Shock Charge

Shock Charge Menu Icon BOII

This type of tactical grenade induces a stunning effect on targets while mildly electrocuting them to inflict small amounts of damage. It is thrown in a similar manner to the Throwing Knife. It can stick to surfaces and can be triggered by nearby enemy movement.

Skorpion EVO

Skorpion EVO Menu Icon BOII

This submachine gun has a magazine size of 32 rounds. It has a very high rate of fire, and high recoil. It is the last submachine gun unlocked at level 46.



This rocket launcher returns in Black OPS II. It is described as ""Free-fire shoulder-mounted rocket launcher. Can lock-on to enemy vehicles and turrets."

Smoke Grenade

Smoke Grenade Menu Icon BOII

The smoke grenade is used for producing smoke and distracting enemies. This type of grenade is unlocked at Level 4 in multiplayer.


SMR Menu Icon BOII

The SMR is an semi-automatic, bullpup assault rifle that appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops II. Unmodified, it has the highest damage per shot of all Assault rifles.

Spring Knife

Spring Knife Create-a-Class BOII

This Knife is unlocked after the player completes five challenges in the mission Fallen Angel. It is used by J-SOC.

Storm PSR

Storm PSR First Person BOII

The Storm PSR is a sniper rifle that can have a huge number of Attachments. It also has a low/minimal recoil and a magazine size of 30 rounds.



Unlocked at multiplayer level 4, this sniper rifle is one of the first ones available in the multiplayer mode. It has a magazine size of 12.


SWAT-556 Menu Icon BOII

The SWAT-556 is unlocked at Level 4, making it an easily obtainable weapon in multiplayer. Combined with its high damage output, its ease unlock and quick bursts, the SWAT-556 is almost indespensable. It operates well at both range and close quarters, though it is especially deadly in CQB.


Tac-45 Menu Icon BOII

This handgun is a semi-automatic. It has a damage rate of 55-19, a magazine size of 10 rounds, a low-medium recoil, and a firing rate of 515 RPM. It sports high damage, low recoil, and medium range.

Tactical Knife

Tactical Knife menu icon MW3

This Knife can be attached to a wide variety of weapons.


Titus-6 Create-a-Class BOII

This gun is a specialty secondary weapon available in the campaign. It fires 3 rounds of high explosive flechette projectiles that stick onto surfaces before exploding. It is used by both Harper and J-SOC.

Trophy System

Trophy System menu icon BOII

The Trophy System reappears in Call of Duty: Black Ops II. This time the Trophy System can destroy one explosive at a time and must have a second Trophy System to take out the next explosive.

Type 25

Type 25 Menu Icon BOII

This bullpup assault rifle is available in multiplayer and Zombies mode. In Multiplayer, the Type 25 is unlocked at level 4 and available for unlock once create-a-class is unlocked. The Type 25 is a low damage weapon, taking between 4 and 5 shots to kill.


Vector K10 Menu Icon BOII

The Vector K10 returns in Call of Duty: Black Ops II. It is very similar to the Vector from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 since it shares the same animations and uses a similar model, the only notable difference is the Vector K10 now holds 36 rounds rather than its original 30.

The Vector K10 is unlocked at Level 16 and is the second SMG unlocked,the Vector K10 is a very balanced submachine gun,excelling at close-range combat but suffers outside of CQC.

War Machine

War Machine Create-a-Class BOII

This new type of weapon/scorestreak is a rapid semi automatic firing grenade launcher. It has six round magazine with another six in reserve which are reloaded individually. It goes away only after all the grenades are used; even after death in which it can be reactivated. It requires a scorestreak of 900.

XM31 Grenade

XM31 Grenade Menu Icon BOII

This grenade is a type of Lethal Grenade. It is used by J-SOC soldiers as a wrist-mounted grenade launcher.


XPR-50 Menu Icon BOII

It's the last Sniper Rifle to be unlocked in Multiplayer. It has similar damage multipliers to those of the Ballista, being a one-shot kill to the head, neck, and chest. It has a magazine size of 8.