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Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified was released earlier this week. A few critics have weighed in with their thoughst about the game. Here are a few snippets from publications on both the Internet and print. Make sure to voice your opinions on the matter below

Loved It

No reviewers loved this game.

Thought It Was Okay

Digital Chumps
Score: 56/100
"In-game, each mission starts out with either Woods or Mason already behind enemy lines, with a pre-determined loadout, just a few steps away from their first kill. Hudson keeps in constant radio contact with you to inform you of mission objectives and things, although the on screen cues, including the marker, make finding your way a snap. Level design is also linear and barebones, and built for speed, which is really what Nihilistic was pushing."

Game Over Oline
Score: 54/100
"The gunplay is average at best. Considering that you don’t have to be a Call of Duty fanboy to admit the controls are the tightest in the FPS genre, this comes as a slight disappointment. Shooting bad guys functions fairly well, although the aiming can be a bit twitchy. I spent a lot of time overcompensating when not using the “snap-on” feature. Declassified feels close, but by no means up to par with its console brethren."

Hated It

Games TM
Score: 40/100
"Declassified is a sorry way to end 14 years of coding history at Nihilistic. The kindest thing you can say about it is that it's a reasonably authentic facsimile of the Call Of Duty blueprint, yet it feels like the work of an artist who is painstakingly tracing a masterpiece but lacks the craft to replicate the magical that made the original so attractive in the first place."

Score: 40/100
"Declassified, however, doesn’t meet the mark. The controls feel floaty and the unchangeable aim acceleration made me constantly overshoot targets when trying to do small aim adjustments. The on-screen touch controls also function poorly, and I regularly hit them unintentionally simply because they’re either placed too close to one another or to the thumbstick"

The Escapist
Score: 30/100
"Unless you're a glutton for punishment, or enjoy nearly broken multiplayer experiences, it's best to pass on this one and pray Declassified will at least prove to be a good learning experience for Activision and Nihilistic, if they ever decide to give a Vita shooter another try."

Score: 30/100
"A flimsy, forgettable, phoned-in Call of Duty. The only entertainment value comes from watching the relationship between Activision and Sony, who now seem chummy enough to exchange gag gifts."

Wikian Reviews

Now it's time for Wikians to review Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified. If you pick up a copy, post your thoughts in the comments or post your own blog!

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