My first blog, how fun! Ok, I am going to make blogs about what weapons are good with what perks. First one:

Colt M1911

This weapon does not have many perks suitable with it, since it is the starting weapon. Most effective perk: Speed Cola.

Reason: It tends to run out of ammo quickly and reloading can take a while.

Least effective perk: PhD Flopper.

Reason: There is no use for it with this weapon.

Recommended Lineup: Speed Cola, Double Tap, Deadshot Daiquiri, and Juggernog. Cost: 9000

Now Upgraded:

Mustang & Sally

Mustang and Sally
These are great for taking out huge hordes of zombies. Without the proper perks, downing yourself is a high possibility. Most effective perk: PhD Flopper.

Reason: It removes splash damage, helping in close quarter situations.

Least effective perk: Juggernog (without PhD Flopper)

Reason: This gives you more help to take damage; however, in close quarters, combining zombie hits with the splash damage can waste your 2500 points easily.

Recommended Lineup: Juggernog, PhD Flopper, Speed Cola, and Double Tap. Cost: 9500

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