Warning: There is language on this page that some readers may consider offensive.

Part One - Finding Visse

PVT. Elliott Fudge
Task Force 82
Tian Shan Mountain Range
Day 2, 2016
“Opening the doors”

“Roger that, TF82 in position. Permission to engage”

“Granted. Show those Ruskies a lesson about the 82nd.”

SGT. Dave Glish came sliding down to where I was sat. He looked me in the eye and nodded. Gone where the days that I would fight in Afghanistan. In a way I’m glad I’m out of that hellhole. But it looks like I’ve traded one pile of shit for another.

“See that road up ahead?” Dave pointed to a barely visible road leading up the mountain. I nodded, “That’s where we’re going”

We began to move like ghosts among the growing blizzard. On the near side of the road, there was a large iron fence showing where the road continued. On the other side, there was a small copse of trees that stretched far into the distance.

“Elliott, use the treeline for cover. Use your sniper and give me cover from there. Go!” Dave gave me a small push.

I leapt over the fence and sprinted towards the trees. Further down the path, I saw headlights headed in our direction.

“Sarge, looks like a single truck heading in our direction” I whispered down the radio.

“Copy that, you take the driver on the right, I’ll take the left” he replied.

I set my Intervention to Thermal scope and waited, using the treeline to cover myself. The truck came closer and closer; I could almost hear voices inside. “Take the shot!” Glish yelled.

I pulled the trigger. Two small spurts of blood leapt from the drivers. The truck swerved and flipped into the trees. I rolled over to avoid the truck. “Sarge, target neutralised. Advancing”

“Roger that. Control, we just encountered a hostile truck. We’re advancing on the base. Interrogative, why are we to destroy the AA guns?” Dave waited patiently. When there was no reply, he yelled.

“Sarge, I’ve got a visual on the base. It looks like our Intel was wrong. There are two AA guns, not five” I sent the coordinates to him.

“Bravo-Fifty-Two, fire mission perfect, over?” Dave nodded, “Hold on to your helmet, Elliott. Things are going to get rocky”

I sat and waited for the Predator Drone. Soon, two single Predator Missiles came crashing down onto the AA guns.

“Omega Nine-Actual this is Bravo-Fifty-Two. Thanks for the assist, over”

“Control, the AA guns are down. The path to Uzbekistan is open. Request pickup, over” Dave began yelling instructions.

HMMWV’s began rolling past in their hundreds. The rest I have completely forgotten. All I know is, that Day 2 2016 was the calm before the hell of a storm

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