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Black Ops- Evaluating my Favorite Weapons, Grenades and Equiptment

White808 December 23, 2010 User blog:White808

Here are brief evaluations of my favorite weapons , One of each type with an un-evaluated 2nd place

Assault Rifles- M14 , able to kill in two shots. A low unlock level and a great feel for it.

Runner Up- AK-47

Submachine Guns- AK74-u , Mobile , with high damage and controllable recoil.

Runner Up- MP5k

Shotguns- Stakeout , A balance between the Olympia's power and the Spas-12's ease of use.

Runner Up-Olympia

Light Machine Guns- Stoner63 , The traits of an Assault Rifle with the power of an LMG , therefore EPIC.

Runner Up-HK21

Sniper Rifles- L96A1 , A powerful and largely popular rifle, Great defensive sniping.

Runner Up- PSG1

Handguns- CZ75 , A balance between the Python's power and the M1911's ease of use. Great over all.

Runner Up- Python

Launchers- RPG , Great against infantry, however not recommended for Anti-air

Runner Up- Strela-3

Specials- Ballistic Knife , Wonderful CQB and pretty cool in general.

Runner Up- Crossbow

Lethal Grenade- Tomahawk , Amazing in close quarters,very stealhy

Runner Up- Semtex

Tactical Grenade- Flashbang , Increased range from MW2 , better for room clearing.

Runner Up- Nova Gas

Equiptment- Claymore , Great for around corners and defending things in general.

Runner Up- C4

Thanks For Reading!

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