Ok we all know that Federation attacked the U.S by using ODIN but we don't know why they attacked America. Is it because they want to control America's economy? or to avenge Almagro's death? I disagree with both, I think they attacked the U.S is because they want control of Canada's uranium supply the reason the Federation disparately wants the uranium is because after Tel Aviv War, Kazakhstan started to shut down it's uranium mines and Canada's Uranium production's began to skyrocketed to 70,000 uranium pounds allow Canada to become the world's largest uranium supplier which would become a major target for Federation. If the Federation won the war they would invade Canada and would become nuclear arms state

We all know that the U.S is still fighting against the Federation but it would attract other countries and military alliance such as NATO, EU and APEC minus Chile, Mexico and Peru they would be ticked off by the O.D.I.N strikes and that Federation cause it and the U.S and the members of NATO, EU and APEC would declare war on the Federation

Think about making fictional battles which would feature a country against the Federation

These are the only country vs Federation battles you can make, you can only make the battles from country that are in the blog

US vs Federation. UK vs Federation. Canada vs Federation. Belgium vs Federation. Czech Republic vs Federation. France vs Federation. Germany vs Federation. Greece vs Federation. Italy vs Federation. Poland vs Federation. Turkey vs Federation. Netherlands vs Federation. Spain vs Federation. Ireland vs Federation. Portugal vs Federation. Australia vs Federation. China vs Federation. Japan vs Federation. Philippines vs Federation. Russia vs Federation. Singapore vs Federation. South Korea vs Federation. Thailand vs Federation. Vietnam vs Federation.

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