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Black Ops Weapons = 'God-like Sprays'? Opinions please =)

Judging from what I have seen on the reveal trailers and gameplay videos on Youtube, I do see that most weapons have low or very low recoil compared to weapons such as F2000 (high vertical recoil) and MP5K (random and high recoil) of Modern Warfare 2. I am not trying to spoil anything or whatsoever, but just have to say so, maybe Treyarch had spent most of its production time on games during the WW2?- having guns which are heavier in weight* My issues are mainly on SMGs as most of featured SMGs do not have a buttstock* (unless grip attached) which facilitates my questions of how does it remains so accurate during full automatic fire.

  • Reference to real life

-Pardon my grammatical errors or spelling errors Wiki-waffle 11:54, October 22, 2010 (UTC)

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