• Wikidude2000

    Call of Duty: DLC Review

    Nuketown:Ahh the classic Nuketown. Is the worst map on Demolition

    and Domination due to spawn-trapping. It's a good kill-stage though but

    be prepared to get raped by LMG campers. 8.2/10


    Grind:This map is an awesome addition to Black Ops II and I love

    the structure of the map(not the setting though) which makes this the

    best map out of the four. 8.8/10

    Downhill:My least favorite with awkard long range battles, nearly

    impossible not to get sniped, and using an smg on this stage

    isn't that good of a choice. 7.2/10

    Mirage:They should rename this map "The Land of the AN-94 and KSG" 

    because those are the guns you want to use. With only one sniper

    spot and more smg suicide this is a repetitive but fun map. 7.7/10


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