Call of Duty: DLC Review

Nuketown:Ahh the classic Nuketown. Is the worst map on Demolition

and Domination due to spawn-trapping. It's a good kill-stage though but

be prepared to get raped by LMG campers. 8.2/10


Grind:This map is an awesome addition to Black Ops II and I love

the structure of the map(not the setting though) which makes this the

best map out of the four. 8.8/10

Downhill:My least favorite with awkard long range battles, nearly

impossible not to get sniped, and using an smg on this stage

isn't that good of a choice. 7.2/10

Mirage:They should rename this map "The Land of the AN-94 and KSG" 

because those are the guns you want to use. With only one sniper

spot and more smg suicide this is a repetitive but fun map. 7.7/10

Hydro:Peacekeeper is the gun you want to use, unless your

fighting snipers which kinda have an advantage on this map.

This map isn't to assault-rifle friendly and scorestreaks are

kinda useless. 8.1/10

Die Rise:After hearing the news of no tranzit, you gotta

admit you were kinda dissapointed. Die Rise isn't the

best zombies map and if you don't know what your doing

you might as well quit now. The easter egg isn't anything special

and the elevators are kind of annoying.  7.4/10

Peacekeeper:This gun is pure gold, maybe the best in the game.

It has the range of about the AN-94 assault rifle. 9.5/10

Overview:This DLC had it's ups and downs and I don't recommend

this to anyone except COD fans.  8.2/10

I'm not doing Uprising because the only good thing about that was

Mob of The Dead...    Overview 6.5/10


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