If you participated in the Save Them blog, you will be more than happy to know that this topic will have the same idea of a text RPG here. You are free to post your characters and jump right into the story. Just be sure that what you post makes sense. I'll get the topic started...


Shepherd - Lieutenant General: Status - KIA

Dunn - Lieutenant: Status - Active

Lauren Bloomfield - Sergeant: Status - WIA

Ryan Wallace - Corporal: Status - Active

Harold Lastimosa - Corporal: Status - KIA

Adrian Jackson - Corporal: Status - Active

Marine Force Recon

Lucas Osborne - PFC: Status - Active

US Air Force

Williams - Captain: Status - Active


Mauser - Fleet Admiral: Status - Active

Sadamm Hussein - Private: Status - Active


Moe - Sergeant: Status - Active

Cowman - Private: Status - Active


AC130 Gunner

Task Force B

Langeley - Corporal: Status - Active

Altshoul - Sergeant: Status - Active

Mission 1: Rescue prisoners, defuse nuke - Status: Completed

Mission 2: Rescue prisoner, capture Mexican drug lord alive - Status: Completed

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