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team fortres 2

Wondervaff February 1, 2011 User blog:Wondervaff

Starting with Heavy allways watch out for em.On with the demoman nice guy to get kills with him with nice a granade lancher and his sticky bombs but be careful with his beer bottle.Oh i forgot about the Heavy spin his minigun round and round hes got 200 hp but his weakness is his back side.Next up the spy hes more divous than your ex.Hes the best trained spy in all of france wepons kinfe,watch,revolver,and the disguse case.EAT MY DUST hes fast as lighting its the scout his pistol is good for hiting enemys far range.His scatter gun is really good for doing damge.BONK home run baby the scouts bat does damge so don`t think the bat sucks.streaming egals! its him its the soldier kill enemys with his rocket lancher other wepons shovel, shotgun.MEDIC! someone you need help from all the time.his needlegun to give your enemys a tase of your medice.

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