1. they were created by dr. ludwig maxis (who ever gave him a doctor degree should have been eaten by the zombies)
  2. the zombies were created by element 115 which is why the zombies are japanese in shi nu numa
  3. the zombies were never dead they were humans before maxis experimented on them
  4. the hell hounds were made born when maxis teleported sophies dog and she never came back
  5. der riese was still in use when verrukt was launched meaning that the der riese incident was not to recent
  6. edward was sent to shi nu numa to kill the zombies there and then collect more 115 for experimenting meaning that he did not escape from der riese he was sent away for more 115 much like dempsey nikoli and takeo were sent by thier countrys to stop him
  7. the americans were atempting to make there own zombies because they had quantity amounts of 115 which the germans wanted to steal
  8. der riese can be seen in the bonus map nightfire
  9. maxis and sophie were killed by fluffy(main hell hound) after edward locked them in the animal testing zone
  10. the zombies are back and badass for blackops

happy hunting

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