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i have looked over the trailer to find weapons and ive found some so the first gun i saw was the mosin nagant from waw i dont think that this will be in the game it is just reznovs gun since he will make a comeback gun 2:most likely the m60 will be in blackops because it was used in nam it was also mounted in a helicopter gun (the guns after 2 are all most likelys not garantees) 3:the m16a4 will most likely be in blackops used by the marines or seals NOT BY SOG gun:4 im feeling a big comeback for a modern warfare gun the r700 bolt actoin rifle used by the military still today unknown caliber because it has a lot of calibers gun 5:the remington 870 pump shotgun big gun for vietnam:this also made me think about a charactor weaver the guy that with you in wmd looks a lot like the gi joe actoin figure snow job actuaully that probably were they got the design for him

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