this is your local recruiter saying that your army needs you the oncoming erge of the red armys advance into america has brought on the battle of the clans

the overwhelming army has invaded the u.s causeing multiple civillian deaths we need new recruits to sign up for our call of duty you will be shipped from the navy seals to the task force from the army rangers to the opfor this war is only going to last until november 9th 2010 this clan is for hardcore players only all core players will have a dishonerable discharge and will be shot in the back you will be submitted to heavy training in the map estate you will be tested on acurracy on durability and speed the sign up is tomorrow all day for more informaitoin plese contact pvt ramerez and leave your gamer tag below your clan tag will be recieved upon completing of the test if you do sign up get ready for a living hell remember your country needs you to join your local military be proud be skilled be a PATRIOT

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