listen to this messagea subscriber wrote:unbaised and honest:Why are you guys so baised and dishonest?Give some credit to nintendo for ounce! I'm a huge nintendo fan,and you don't give thier games fair reviews.You put them down because you assume nintendo is for nerds.(this is the part i love)On the other hand you guys worship the xbox 360 and the ps3,because thats what the "cool people" play.that's a totally unfair bias.Another unfair trait is your attention to the titles of games. If it sounds evil or violent,you assume it will be good. (which it will :)Thus ,not surprisingly CALL OF DUTY games has gotten a perfect ten (except for the wii versions).the rest is the complainer talking about how games with female bimbos are always picked up the most can you guess it's a female.

this is how the author responded.In sarcasm

to stay on top of all the hip trends,we have to spend our free time reading twilight book's (gay) and watching real housewives.(super gay)and calling people bro (the gayest thing ever) It's tough being so awsome.

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