okay so if you have seen the pc modded zombie mode cod 4 than you will know what im talking about but if you havent then it is a mod that is a cut game mode from cod 4 it allows you to play with more than 4 players and fight undead civillians.

now i was watching it and i thought a bout a great map for zombies it is the russian science base seen in the mission w.m.d and it is shown after the mission is over its torn up you and this time 5 other guys making a six man team

now what makes this a completly different zombie mode is that it is in the morning with direct sunlight over head (replacing the normal gloom and doom look)but here is a big twist since the base is only a little 2 story lab that big door that is seen the e3 trailer to go outside and kill in shi nu numa except it is much bigger and you can see the zombies coming from a mile goes to another lab where you can kill zombies.

and than there will be the lab at the bottom of the hill where you were supposed to start at in the mission now this would be the perfect place for zombies because

  1. there is a lot of open space to kill zombies
  2. it looks like a fun map
  3. it is easier to find crawlers because thier blood will be stained into the snow

and the crew from the waw zombies are the characters this is my idea for a mini cutscene

dempsey:what the hell just happened

edward:i think we have been teleported

takao:but where are we now (in the most racist tojo accent you can think of)

nikoli:hey i remember this mountain this is the spot where i killed my second wi...(everyone looks at him) um i mean dog

hey wait this isnt 1945

dempsey:okay so we are in russia in som future year lets try and find a place to stay

they find the base

nikoli:what the hell happened here

dempsey:i dont know



dempsey:aw shit freak bags

the end?

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