20 years after der riese

Flashing lights start to form a strong rumbling shakes the antiques off of the shelfs then 4 men appear from the ball of electricity.

(in old russian accent):" ahh what the hell just happened i feel like i have hangover the size of stalin".

(in old german accent):"calm down russian let me find out where we are.I'll check my teleportor map locator".

(in old japanese accent):"well then i shall check for any weapons".

(in old accent):"well then rictophen where the hell are we then."

(mysterious voice):"welcome rictophen i suspected you'd find your way here eventually."

rictophen:"maxis is that you i thought you were dead"

maxis:"so you remember me then do you"

rictophen:"how could i forget about the man that i thought i killed"

takeo:"guys i have found us some guns,whos that?

rictohpen:"that is maxis my old partner in the bell for the illumenati.But something went wrong and the test subject that got sent into the teleporter turned into infected it turns out whatever comes in contact with element 115 that has not been stableized turns into undead creatures that feast upon the flesh of the living the term zombie does not compell here because to be a zombie they had to be dead first these were infectious beings they would infect or kill the living that they came in contact with."

maxis:"thats correct rictophen and now you will die"

tank:"but wait we herd the radio transmission you commited suicide with those pills."


maxis:"is that what you thought no dempsey.what happened was i could not find my pills so i jumped in the secret teleportar that i built for the furher (hitler) for you see rictophen you are in the falcon.'

nikolai:"wait what is this falcon you talk about".

rictohen:"the falcon is hitlers mountain cottage the nazis gift for hitler that he never got to use or did he"

maxis"so you figured it out then did you rictophen it was not the explosion that killed hitler it was our creations that killed him".

maxis:"so now that you know my secet rictophen now you must die.KILL HIM MY PETS KILL THEM ALL!

dempsey:"here we go again".

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