this is a new thing im doing called lets talk i post a subject that i find on the wiki that is interesting and post a blog on it hope you like it and now we start: CALL OF DUTY: blackops 2 the rumored next production from treyarch. as you know this is just a rumor but lets talk about the thing supporting this rumor. the end of the game mason says that this war is not over yet could mean a sequel or just a line tomake him seem like a badass you decide. 2. it was said that woods is stillalive and that he is just in hanoi (the multiplayer map could be where he is kept or was). 3. the cold war did not end until the 80s. 4. you could play as woods after he was presumed dead.

thats all if you have anything to add feel free to put it in the comments and i will post it in the the next lets talk.

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