for the survival co-op mode here are the guns that we know and here are what they will probably cost.

assault rifles: ak47=1000 car-15=1500 aug hbar=2000 m16=3000(very popular) famas=2500

sub machine guns(comfermed only):mp5k proto=2200 mac10=2800 ak-74u=2000

light machine guns:rpk=950(mystery box) m60=950 (mystery box)

bow:950 (mystery box possible explosive tips)

shotgun:spas12=1200 unknown=1000

snipers:(mystery box only) awm&dragonauv

handgun:m1911=free .357 magnum=1000

launchers:m202(the grim reaper)950(mystery box) rpg-7=950(mystery box)

write down what you think guns will cost or guns like the wunderwaffle

atachments:(available on most weapons)swavorski=500,red dot=500,snub nose=1000,silencer=free (no one cares about the silencer),grenade launcher=2500,extended mags=375(all guns can have all atachments that dont cancel each other out. like a commando with a red dot,silencer,grenade launcher and extended mags)

misc:semtex=500,c4=2000,ballistic knife=3000(instant kill unlimited ammo)camera spike 4000( indenstructable) flame thrower=950 in box or off wall

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