Cpl. Dunn

dont leave me hanging


the wiki betrayed us

Price avatar pic The Enemy of My Enemy MW2

you have to trust some one to be betrayed


lets do this

Call Of Duty Black Ops (Sgt. Frank Woods) (5)

we'll et that rotten bastard


no one fights alone except today


dont i deserve some redemption

Dear wikians i stand before you to ask this.If the halo guys have red vs blue.Than why dont the CALL OF DUTY guys get thier own youtube mini series.I presume that we start a mini series called task force vs opfor.Now if you deny my request i shall go and get my friends to make a machinima the new game blackops. I presume that we make the task force go down to a convention of everything cod.Placed in the map dah dah dah dah carnival with at the end of each episode it says go to the call of duty wiki for more informaition for more on call of duty blackops.All we need to do is make an episode every week at friday because thursday is my csi day tomorrow justin bieber will guest star i hope he gets shot in the face now before you say no look into the eyes of the mw2 and blackops characters and tell them they dont deserve a mini series
Foley S.S.D.D. MW2


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